When you struggle with the truth – you struggle at the polls!

When you struggle with the truth – you struggle at the polls!


The carbon tax debacle went toxic for Labor this week when Newspoll announced its fortnightly report card – record Labor low on carbon fury. In just two weeks, Julia Gillard’s personal support has gone from its highest since becoming Prime Minister in June last year, to her worst. The Party’s credibility is now in free fall. In an astonishing revelation, Julia Gillard announced “I will continue to press to price carbon and we will get this done from 1 July, 2012”- despite anecdotal evidence that most voters believe PM broke carbon tax promise. The present carbon tax model is doomed for failure although Julia Gillard told carbon tax debate will be easy to win once the public is informed.  This is too funny for words given that due diligence thus far, is zero.

High price of short – term tactics which begs the question, will this be a short term government when it is abundantly clear that an early election is the only way out when Australia is virtually ungovernable. “Julia Gillard has learnt this week that politicians who ignore the lessons of history find themselves with historically low popularity ratings. Instead of taking a leaf out of John Howard’s script on the GST, the Prime Minister has dug a hole for Labor by trying to fast track a carbon – cum – emissions trading scheme. It is yet another sign of failure of the Gillard and Rudd governments to put long – term strategic goals ahead of short – term political tactics.”


Australia ducked the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and it now it is faced with the Gillard Financial Crisis – Gillard is now Prime Minister in name only. Plans for a carbon tax appear to have shaken consumer confidence as carbon tax blamed for contributing to slump in consumer confidence. “Pessimists now outnumber optimists in their outlook on family finances over the next 12 months for the first time since March 2009, when Australia risked falling into recession. Westpac chief economist Bill Evans said the key factors behind the unexpectedly large fall in the index – down 2.4 per cent in March from a month earlier – seemed to be concerns over budget and tax issues, and petrol prices. While there is no specific evidence – we expect that the key negative for households … relates to the government’s commitment to price on carbon by July next year.” The Greens are killing Labor as the PM sees green and her MPs see red.

The carbon tax announcement is arguably the dumbest announcement ever made within the foundations of Australia’s political history. “Operation Abort” is already being announced – Windsor savages carbon tax strategy with the accusation of “putting the cart before the horse” because of “pressure from the Greens.” Ironic that Julia Gillard became Prime Minister with blood on her hands and months later she is haemorrhaging profusely with short – term policies that threaten the profitability of households – carbon tax is a dog ready to bite Labor.

Ziggy Switkowski wrote an interesting piece on Business Spectator Only carbon fools rush in despite industry recommending that Fort Fumble hold – off with the carbon tax until details have been formulated.  Combet: An early announcement was appropriate despite a carbon tax framework with no details to negotiate with industry. Despite business pressure for a delay, Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan rejects calls to delay carbon tax. This will get ugly and eventually end up with another meteoric back – flip where Caucus will take Gillard and Swan as the carcass. Keep watching the polls which will get worse for Fort Fumble especially when Kristina Keneally gets whipped at the election in two week’s time.

Property sales reach 10 – year low and the Gillard Financial Crisis is not helping matters. We note that Sydney rental market to tighten as lease is more in the new Australian dream. This does not help Australian construction contracted for the ninth consecutive month in February as the tools go down slow – down in construction activity . What we are witnessing now could be described as what the hell? Nation in regional retreat as consumers continue to tighten the belt as purses remain shut tight.

“In a grim picture revealing many families are doing it tough, about 700,000 taxpayers entered into special repayments with the Tax Office in 2009/10 – an increase of 32 per cent in four years” as Australians crippled by tax burden. The number of Australians failing to lodge a tax return has blown out to about 4 million and small businesses have racked up a crippling $9.4 billion in Tax Office debts. Households in retreat increase pressure on carbon tax with the inevitable outcome that rising bills cause consumer blues.

Every week we post on our website the weekly recorded sales activity for our demographic , so it came as little surprise when I read auction rates fudged by failed campaigns. Mosman in all probability (based on my observations) has the lowest auction clearance rate in Australia, based on results of the number of properties submitted. Yes, each week we see auction properties that are passed in and the results conveniently buried.  Some week’s/months later, when sold, they are recorded as auction sales. The last time we extrapolated the data, the auction clearance rate in Mosman was just under twenty (20) per cent. So yes, the current system is rorted. In fairness, we are really a private treaty business (maybe in 2009. we auctioned five or seven properties in total).

We intend to publish the Mosman sales results for the “above $5.000 million house market” for the past ten years, in next week’s edition.

As you will be aware, I have a bee in my bonnet over the carbon tax which every day is fast-tracking the Home Insulation Scheme. Our economy is struggling and Julia Gillard has her foot firmly on the accelerator of destruction. Alas, the Gillard Financial Crisis!

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8 Responses to “When you struggle with the truth – you struggle at the polls!”

  • Ann says:

    The PM may set the record for the number of drinks in the flight home from New York. David Boon holds the beer record to London, whats the G&T record to NY?

  • Snow White says:


    You have to laugh, we get slugged with Gillard’s Flood Tax.

    Then a report come out today that the flood was partially caused by the Queensland Goverment releasing water from Wivenhoe Dam raising water levels in Brisbane river by 10 metres!!. The Queensland Government blame the Bureau of Meteorology (also a Federal Government).

    So its the poor taxpayers that have to pay – Please Explain

    Wivenhoe Dam release caused Brisbane flood: report
    11 Mar, 2011 12:45 PM

    Releases from Wivenhoe Dam raised water levels in the Brisbane River by up to 10 metres during January’s flood, a panel of independent hydrologists has found.

    It named the release of water from Wivenhoe Dam as being the “principal immediate cause” of the riverine flood, as rain ceased about 6pm on January 11, more than 24 hours before the Brisbane River peaked overnight on January 12-13.

    “It is clear that the dam release flood from Wivenhoe Dam was the immediate cause of flooding,” the report says.

    “Flood events in lower Lockyer Creek, in the lower Bremer River and in the lower Brisbane River were dwarfed by the subsequent water level rise associated with releases from Wivenhoe Dam [between January 11 and January 12]

    “The water level rise associated with the above dam releases increased water levels in the lower Lockyer Creek at O’Reilly’s Weir by over five metres, in the lower Bremer River at One Mile Bridge by over seven metres, and in the Brisbane River at Savages Crossing and Mt Crosby by seven metres and 10 metres respectively.”

  • Gordon says:

    Now, Snowy, you know that the only flood that really matters this month is the tsunami that will flush out the most corrupt government in our history.

    There’s been talk about other contenders going back to the Rum Corps, but no previous gang before 16 years of Fort Crumbled appears to have so thoroughly, systemically corrupted the selection, appointment and business processes of government. But saying business in connection with this mob may be to an oxymoron, unless we consider one of the definitions of organised crime.

    And Robert, your opposition to the enormous carbon tax rort is commendable. It’s a pity some other opinion leaders don’t have the guts to express the same common sense view. But we wouldn’t want to interfere with their multi-million-dollar consultancies, would we? It’s not what you know. . .

  • I loved the “auction rates fudged by failed campaigns” link. A small voice of truth in a sea of agents ‘playing pretend’. FACT – Of the 331 homes sold in Mosman in 2010 only 49 sold at Auction! (source- apm) Agents don’t need to be embarrased, they need to adapt to the market! It seems quite brain dead to keep auctioning every property and playing pretend games about auction clearance rates. Get over it, grow up and adapt.

  • Ann says:

    Thanks Andrew,

    I missed the auction clearance rate mention. Shocking tampering with the facts

  • Patricia says:

    Andrew, agree with you. If one of the local assembly-line auction agencies changed its sales strategy to reflect the reality that private treaty/negotiation drives sales in Mosman, it would have no use for its newly-built auction rooms at Cremorne Junction.

  • Patricia

    So true however, the renovation costs need to be recovered so what better way to recoup 🙂 You will be reading more about this throughout the year – ahh so much to write about!

  • Ann says:

    Yes, that building in a dead end street, with no parking is a worry. At least the funeral home has moves away one door to bigger premises!!!

    You can always park in the driveway of the old Blockbuster / Jimmy Possum site, they have gone toes up!!

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