We’re just moving with the times!

We’re just moving with the times!

It doesn’t matter which way you look at it. We are in a global financial crisis and now it is time to simply take care of business – which is exactly what many businesses have done in recent years. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced this week that Australia was unlikely to slip into recession although we all know that sadly, there will be casualties along the way.

Our four major banks are listed among the Top 20 in the world as they are well capitalised and continue to post profits. Yes – the road ahead will be rocky although the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) shock decision to cut official interest rates by 100 basis points (nobody called that one) identifies that interest rates have peaked.

Now it is simply a matter of watching just how low they will go and the December 5, 2001 rate of 4.25 per cent has not been ruled out. For this to happen the RBA has 1.75 per cent of rate reductions to play with – a healthy position given that in the United States, rates presently sit at 2.50 per cent.

For the last ten years we have invested heavily in the technology revolution (our new website launch and online platform is just a few weeks away) because we knew that at some stage, consumer sentiment would change for reasons beyond our control. For example, the number one performing property portal in Mosman is www.domain.com.au The Fairfax Media property portal identified a market positioning that, put simply, we had to dominate. Successful property marketing is all about attracting consumer eyeballs.

We acquired “Top Spot” where all our properties in each price demographic appear first for our clients. Last week, we acquired the Mosman Property Gallery where we feature five properties on each page, all exclusive in Mosman to our agency.

You may be interested to learn that Mosman is the most popular suburb searched north of the Harbour Bridge at www.domain.com.au In August it attracted around 175,000 eyeballs and in September, traffic was just over 170,000. Most impressive, considering all that is going on!

Our point of difference is that we understand online functionality much faster than our competitors. Plenty of people are still watching and playing the property market. We have shaped and designed our new online platform to not only raise the bar but more importantly, to set a new industry standard for other agencies to follow. After all – we were the first real estate agency to send out a property alert via email.

Next week, we will announce another exciting marketing strategy – another online first for our Mosman property market. Whilst we don’t have the exclusive rights to this one, watch our competitors follow the leader.

In order to produce the best online results it is imperative that we dominate and lead Search Engine Optimisation where we will be one of the first to upload our houses, apartments and rental properties directly into www.google.com.au This has not been possible before.

Most exciting is that today, we are pioneering new markets for our vendors, purchasers, landlords and tenants otherwise known as leading and “moving with the times”.

Our own database (which provides plenty of oxygen to our business) jumped this week to $795,259,000 with sales to subscribers of “Virtual Realty News”. I am yet to observe a single real estate business on our planet that can match this ongoing sales figure.

Certainly our sale of a Cremorne waterfront last week assisted subscriber sales. An off – the – plan sale of a waterfront apartment (not by us) for approximately $7.200 million identifies that our property market is certainly not “done and dusted”. Although it would be reasonable to suggest that there will be a fair bit of nip and tuck with property prices which again, is beyond our control.

However, what we do control is how we position our Agency in the current market place to ensure that we are exploring every possible opportunity available so that we continue to deliver premium results. Whilst some are raising a white flag – others (RWM) see this property market as a defining moment.

Unlike the stock market, our online investment over the last ten years has strengthened our place within our property markets.

Rumours of a third print publication targeting our real estate industry are getting stronger and stronger. If I am guessing right – this will offer an interesting online twist. Oh! – the spice of life today.

Opportunity keeps knocking on our front door!

Cheers ^__^

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