It was with offhanded charm, that our ‘dynamic duo’, ‘Bobby Dazzler’ Carr and ‘Blunder Cruncher’ Egan delivered their thought provoking tenth budget this week, adopting a ‘Houdini’ economic platform. How reassuring that there is no need for panic or concern, that we are only in debt to the tune of $379 million. After all, we should look for the positives in their financial mismanagement !! They have done an outstanding job, as no other government has ever managed to amass a record $15.5 billion in just 365 days. Forget about the deficit, their tax collecting prowess was up a brilliant $588 million on last year. The ‘State of Decay’ is going places, as they tried to contain their excitement about their business model which if administered correctly, will again deliver deficit budgets until 2007, which is great news in an election year!

‘Bobby Dazzler’ should be applauded for some of his innovative ideas. Take the new web-site for our State Transit Authority where the jingle is “Five minutes late, is actually on time”. Some lucky bugger got the gig to design the web-site for $304,000. I know a little about websites and what would have been required and our calculations are, “change out of $30,000”. Did the same group get the job for the system upgrade for the Department of Tourism who had their e-mails upgraded at a cost of $138,000? Now this generosity really is putting something back into the economy!

With news that the ‘Multi Millionaires Factory’ was finally handing out the bonuses this week, we saw the property market jump to attention, as we managed to negotiate $23,000,000 in sales. Now we are pushing hard to get them exchanged before June 30. It seems that with auctions a bit of a ‘no no’ at the minute, the property voyeurs have taken to the private treaty, like a web designer to a NSW government contract. The Mosman Daily, was looking very skinny this week, so now all the attention will be diverted to the Internet and classified advertising. One property at Wyong Road, appeared on our web-site last Friday and exchanged on Thursday for close to the asking price. Quite a few homes that appear in today’s edition, will appear in recent sales in next week’s edition. Our database is time and time again our number one salesperson !!

Whilst the majority of agencies are in the process of laying agents off, we are proud to announce a major signing to our sales team. Geoff Grist, started with RWM this week and I’m sure many of you have read his last book titled “500 Award Winning Small Business Secrets”. After a successful career in television production, Geoff won the 1997 Telstra Award for best small business in NSW, for his dedication to customer service. It took just a decade of residing in Mosman, to convince Geoff that RWM was really where his future lay.

Someone asked me this week to describe the current market, and I responded “It’s a now you see it, and now you don’t market”. It applies to property, people and businesses. Even ‘Bobby Dazzler’ can attest to this, one minute he had $15.5 billion, and the next minute it was all gone. With such economic prowess, he now looks like a fantastic nomination for the 2004 Telstra Award, for his dedication to customer services??? With an emphasis on delivering the highest taxes in our country, once again ‘Bobby Dazzler’ and ‘Blunder Cruncher’, have consistently proved that they are in a league of their own !! Cheers and clink ^__^

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