The Big Wet

The Big Wet

From one extreme to another! Just over a month ago we were fighting bush fires… Now we are drowning in the ‘big wet’! When it rains we can’t photograph our new properties, and that is a major inconvenience to the real estate market. Some agents are making bizarre predictions about the market in 2002. Personally, we see 2002 as being yet another record year, preferring to adopt the attitude – ‘fear of the future is a waste of the present’. The property market received a great rib tickler last week, with the sale of Boomerang for just over $20 million! This is a trophy property and represents the highest price ever paid in Australia! ( hmmm… pondering which property I need to sell to beat that sale ). This is fantastic news for the real estate market and just goes to show that the market is ready to ‘shake rattle and roll’ the foundations of those who pursue pessimism.

This week the State Government announced the extra $70 million windfall from the property boom for the year 2001. The market has been booming for (an unprecedented) five years now and I am somewhat confused why the previous years failed to crack a mention, or could it be that I am politically incorrect! One thing we all know is that traffic on the Spit/Military Roads increases by about fifteen per cent a year and with all the new development on the northern beaches, surely it is time to address the Spit Bridge fiasco. These areas are major contributors to the Stamp Duty rort, yet when it comes to money allocations we are the silent minority. Oh hang on a minute, I forgot, we are remembered – Bob just increased The Bridge toll!!

We received a few e-mails from curious subscribers last week wanting to know who the latest member of our award wining sales team is….. (drum roll…) His name is Richard Simeon, yes my twin brother ( hey stop calling me Danny!! ) At Richardson & Wrench Mosman we are committed to dragging the real estate industry into the 21st century and as many of you have undoubtedly done in the past, building the best team means looking outside your own category. We’re no different. Richard has had over twenty years in the advertising industry, and our industry is in serious need of new marketing ideas and concept implementation. Steve and I have approached Richard on many occasions over the years, trying to persuade him to make a career change. It took triplets ( now four children under 2! ) to tip the scales in our favour. Having lived in Mosman all his life he too has always loved property and it’s in his blood’. On another note Steve Patrick is settling in well with two Simeons and the valium is doing wonders for his blood pressure!

“Success is not what you deserve, it is what you can negotiate” and “don’t blame the market. Lead the market”. That is what Richard aspires to. Having twenty years in advertising as a Director of some of Australia’s largest advertising agencies, we will be utilising his strategic and communication skills to further our market position – as the most sophisticated and effective agency. Advertising operates at the ‘high end’ of consumer marketing and communications, to ultimately drive sales. Researching consumer behavior to discover the motivators and ‘turn-offs’ was a regular part of Richard’s job description. His skills will compliment our existing strengths and we will continue to achieve our objective – of always generating the highest sale price for every property we sell.

I will watch with interest how he comes to terms with the agents who are known as ‘frequent liars’ not to be confused with ‘frequent flyers’. Some of them are still valuing at high levels that would make your ears pop! At least we all know who they are. Wish the legislation would hurry up and be implemented, although it seems that it was too much to hope that this would deter them, as ‘leopards can never change their spots’.

Last year we had the ‘terrible trifecta’ – terrorism, a war and a Federal election, and yet it was a record year !! This year we have a better outlook, the horizon is clear and the business community is brimming with confidence. Interest rates continue to be low and the market aesthetics have changed. Today, home owners are traders. This is very different to the reasoning of our parents which was to stay in the one place. This change in ideology is great for real estate agents everywhere. Today the home is tax free and many continue to take the profit and sell, then look for new opportunities to increase their wealth. We have seen many vendors who have this practice down to an ‘art form’ and there is no reason why this will change in 2002. It is all about a positive mental approach and we, like many others, intend to ‘make hay while the sun shines’.

Time to run, the twins are off to look at a property which will be interesting as usual… we both love to chat. We have a special running this week with all the rain – Richardson & Wrench umbrellas! They look great, and no we won’t throw in any steak knives!! Stay dry!!! (^_^)

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