Speed bumps ahead – are we moving too fast?

Speed bumps ahead – are we moving too fast?

19-04-2010 1-23-21 PM

I would say yes, given the global financial crisis (GFC) in the Australian vernacular was an “easy come – easy go” experience where we experienced just the one quarter of negative growth. If you remain somewhat confused as to where the property markets are headed, don’t be.  It appears that everyone else is too. International Monetary Fund sounds warning on property bubble in Asia – Pacific and it was reported that Australia is not immune from a potential property bubble. The report said “in Australia, a combination of rapid interest rate cuts and the extension of the first – home buyers grant ensured that property remained robust during the worst of the financial crisis. Most recently, there has been a 13 per cent jump in median home prices to the end of February.” Then “the IMF report comes amid evidence the resilience in house prices has caught the eye of the Reserve Bank (RBA) Minutes of the Reserve board’s April meeting, when it announced the fifth rate rise since October, showed members noticed the property market’s continued buoyancy despite new home loans falling”. Evident with Sydney auction clearance rates graph courtesy of Australian Property Monitors.

RBA eyes May rate rise which I believe is odds – on, having read the minutes of its April 6 board meeting where they will move the official cash rate from 4.25 per cent to 4.50 per cent. Home truths on the whys and wherefores of the property market which identifies the property conundrum: housing is the biggest market in Australia – yet there is no central database that records transactions and prices. “Housing markets in the United States and Britain lost 40 per cent of value from their 2007 peaks and are only tentatively recovering, that Australian market appears only to have dipped slightly in 2008 (the pain was contained to the top end) before shooting up in the past 12 months.” Now the biggest clue “banks have changed their attitude. Where they used to push 100 per cent loan – to – valuation ratios (LVRs) now they lend 80 per cent over the value of the asset before demanding a swag of fees (usually labelled lenders’ mortgage insurance).”



I love challenging Tim, who called me this week and asked “what shot do we need?” I responded, “The Emperor (Kevin Rudd) got his Health Reform approved so we need a smiley face. Can you shoot Luna Park, Ripples restaurant, North Sydney swimming pool, and a ferry at Luna Park wharf?” The man is pure genius! Tim again, exceeded our expectations – his shots make for great Christmas cards too.


Macquarie’s Robertson sees easing in house price gains where with his latest note to clients Mr Robertson said “anyone with their eyes open is aware that usually low funding costs over the past 12 – 18 months powered a good part of the double digit house – price gains that have excited so much comment and talk of “bubbles”. Economists baffled by robust property market given after five interest rate increases in seven months they wonder how auction clearance rates remained so high for so long, along with rising median house prices. “It’s a bit of a puzzle,” said Macquarie Bank’s senior economist, Brian Redican, who once worked at the Reserve Bank. “You wonder how auction clearance rates remain very high along with house prices themselves.” Which takes me to the real estate ring of confidence – remember Aussies would bet on two flies climbing a wall.

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Prestige home market lies becalmed, Median prices up in Sydney – but not as much as in Melbourne and Penthouse sales hit bargain basement had Sydney Morning Herald property editor Jonathan Chancellor a very busy journalist this week. “Sydney’s $5 million plus prestige residential market has stalled. The number of sales this year sits at slightly above the low levels recorded during the trough of the global financial crisis. There have been 45 sales higher than $5 million during the first quarter of the year, a small rise on the 44 sales in the March quarter last year. Volumes are well down on the 74 sales in the 2007 March quarter, and 63 in the 2008 March quarter.” Richardson & Wrench Mosman & Neutral Bay (RWM) recorded 5 of the recorded 63 sales. Subscriber sales jumped to $942,854,220 this week.

Australians’ insatiable appetite will continue although it must be noted that home loans, power and now gas – the family budget squeeze is on given NSW families will have to find an extra $3,000 in their annual budgets by the middle of next year as the soaring cost of living consumes an additional three weeks of the average worker’s wage. Even though land prices are growing at their fastest rate since 2004. No data: foreign buyer property puzzle which by coincidence identifies a twelve month anniversary since The Emperor abolished the acquisition by foreigners of Australian real estate. At 6:38 pm on April 21 I received this notice REA as well as a increased number of emails from Russian buyers agents looking to acquire residential properties.

Foreign men of property move in which demands an answer as to exactly why The Emperor approved this policy change – without consultation. Given home – ownership dream dims for Gen – Y where NSW ‘s dire housing shortage has been exposed by figures revealing that the State needs an extra 120 homes every week to keep up with population growth. To make matters worse, the average rental  of a Sydney house  is approximately $110 more a week than it was five years ago. So Fort Fumble wastes billions on pink batts and the building education revolution – and now it is taking on health? Back to Luna Park and that “Big Dipper” which resonates with Kevin 07. Although not alone – NSW still nation’s basket case, say analysts – the NSW economy continues to be the worst  in the nation and  analysts say, the government must urgently introduce initiatives to stimulate growth in housing construction, business investment and jobs.

As quick as a flash, The Emperor hightailed it to Tasmania rifts open in Kevin Rudd’s health plan given the rethink on insulation scheme over safety fears which then transformed into a junior minister Greg Combet announcing troubled insulation grants get the chop resulting in another taxpayer initiative $2.450 billion down the gurgler. Interesting that The Emperor was all over the stage announcing this – then hides when it is cancelled.

Bob Hawke and John Howard debate our future where the combined consensus was to remove states/territories from all forms of government.

Congratulations to Jacqui and Mike Rowland – Smith who this week delivered a brother for young Will – mother and baby are both healthy and happy.

Cheers ^__^

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  • Nicholas says:

    Retail sales figures are showing poor leads with worrying results from Harvey Norman and Coles, I think a double dip is highly probable.

    Then you have the State and Federal debacles with our tax dollars going up in smoke.

    I think interest rate will go much higher and we will feel the cool winds of change creep in by Christmas 2010. Lets hope not.

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