Record population growth – and (possibly) an even scarier outcome?

Record population growth – and (possibly) an even scarier outcome?

A hypothetical Mosman forecast: (not to be read by the faint heated) – walking your Labrador could soon see you walking on private property. Remember the “once upon a time” analogies? Time brings change – and those picturesque ‘rivers of gold’ (public sanctuaries) are a great starting place.

Sydney population to top 6m in 2036 according to a report compiled by the NSW Planning Department. It forecasts a 40 per cent gain from 4.3 million in 2006. Based on data compiled from the 2006 census, the population of NSW will increase to 9.1 million which is a scary thought, when Fort Crumble (NSW Government) does not even come close to meeting present day planning demands for infrastructure, transport, schools, hospitals and roads which are currently in gridlock. More importantly Fort Crumble is broke!

So let’s look into the property crystal ball Sydney suburbs ready to boom Fort Crumble has turned its attention now to transport in the south–west, rather than the north–west. The population of the top 10 local areas, will increase by more than 50 per cent – Camden, Liverpool, Burwood, Auburn, Wollondilly, Sydney, Wyong, Campbelltown, Baulkham Hills, and Strathfield. So south-west is up by 113 per cent and north–west up 52 per cent. Metro cost more than Labor admitted which should come as no surprise. To meet these unprecedented demands, governments on all three tiers will jump into a dash for cash given they are all entrenched in budget deficit. And don’t forget the huge injection of green shoots for the building industry, the economy and increased tax receipts.



Middle Head is arguably Australia’s most sought after real estate and Mosman’s “Jewel in the Crown”.

So what can we expect? The greatest sell–off of (open space) land for residential development and Mosman (given its abundance of foreshore land) would become a major revenue raiser for funding sustainability. The ‘posh’ will utter, gosh! A strong possibility that Mosman sea scapes could resemble those from Whale Beach to Palm Beach“. Of course governments will say ‘it is all in the name of economic progress’. Simply put – we may believe we are the custodians of open space and even though we don’t have title to this lifestyle privilege, money talks and many areas that are untouched, could lose their virginity!

We now find that one in four NSW councils is on the brink of being unable to pay for essential services – Gone to pot: councils on brink of slashing services. We are already hearing murmurs that some Councils are looking at selling off public golf courses and replacing them with housing estates.

The Municipality of Mosman (currently) has just under 5000 houses so it would be fair to assume that just like other growth areas it too must expand by up to 25 per cent (another 1250 homes). For this to happen (hypothetically) we would see a new housing estate created on Georges Heights and Middle Head which are prime development areas as to Bradleys Head and Clifton Gardens

Cliff top land value sales using Burran and Hopetoun Avenues comparables on Middle Head would deliver sales from $7,000,000 to $15,000,000 + per block (let’s average each block out at $10,000,000): the governments would love these revenues to assist funding pressures. Working on the premise that HMAS Penguin would become a vacant block from Chowder Bay through Middle Head to Balmoral vacant land sales would deliver hundreds and hundreds of multi – million dollar sales. Not to forget also, a huge injection to Mosman Council revenues, courtesy of additional Council rates from subdivisions that could create another 1000 + houses. It may never happen – but it would be a brave person to rule out such a brazen move (otherwise called progress!)

The Emperor (Kevin Rudd) announced his newly created portfolio of Minister for Population this week and as quick as flash Population Minister Tony Burke says migrants should go bush. An interesting debut? Tony Abbott backs a debate on population levels ”Let’s face it; Sydney and Melbourne in particular are choking on their own traffic.” Whilst a population debate is necessary, we are not hearing anything about (more importantly) an infrastructure debate!

Malcolm Turnbull prompted Macquarie Street whispers, when he announced that he was leaving Federal politics A plea to Malcolm Turnbull – your State needs you wrote The Punch. “If anyone can smash his way through the paralysis which grips NSW politics it is Turnbull. In the absence of a mercy rule, NSW voters currently face a battle between the legally blonde and the legally bland. There’s Kristina Keneally, who despite assuring us she’s “nobody’s puppet, nobody’s girrrrrl,” was slotted in by the factional bosses in a vacuous marketing exercise which has nothing to do with policy and everything to do with personality.” Clue: NSW Labor out to buy next election.

The Emperor came in for a touch – up Kevin Rudd’s $3.2 bn health and hospital funding favours Labor seats and Rudd’s new challenge: fix schools so the pains continued Blunders becoming harder to defend and Schools chief orders checks on 260 projects.


The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) notched up its fifth 25 basis – point rate hike in seven months taking the cash rate to 4.25 per cent – Good times sting as interest rates rise. Given we are in an election year ,The Emperor would have been somewhat perplexed when he read Housing stress may bring political pain. Economic side – kick Wayne Swan delivered these political pearlers “I know that is cold comfort for a lot of families and a lot of people in businesses,” he said. Then “rates are now at the level that they were when the Liberal Party imposed on Australia 10 rate rises in a row so rates are still at historically low levels.”

Wayne, so what you are saying is that the last five interest rate rises are your doing, given that your Government is in power? It has been well documented that the cash rate will return to 5.50 per cent so, Wayne, that would then make it 10 all. Doh!

Tourism Australia announced its new tag line There’s nothing like it superseding “Where the bloody hell are you?” Why do they continually write about politicians?

So do you think our treasured foreshore reserves will be turned into a residential subdivision? What would such a plan do to top – end prices? Remember, this is Australia’s most prized land. See you on our blog as I suspect this topic may break our previous record number of comments.

Subscriber sales jumped to $938,179,220 this week. We exchanged $31,000,000 in just three days, setting the highest sale in Mosman for 2010. Thank you – subscribers.

Cheers ^__^

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8 Responses to “Record population growth – and (possibly) an even scarier outcome?”

  • Mark says:

    Hi Robert,

    Very scary thought that the inept politicians could contemplate selling Crown Land and the freshly created Sydney Harbour National Park to inject cash into their wasteful and poorly run Departments. Look no further than the Sydney Metro (Half a Billion Dollars Plus) and the Roof Insulation (1 billion Dollars by the time thats finished and over ten peoples lives, pending inquests).

    Delete State Governments is the answer, the do nothing and are irrelevant.

  • Mark,

    If you look at the State government their main activity appears to be selling off State assets. The Eastern Suburbs has subdivided up nearly all of their coastlines so it would come as little surprise to see this unfortunately happen to Mosman – although I did say this was hypothetical. Look at the Oran Park development that was approved during the Nick Griener days – that created an additional 7500 houses and that was public land.

    I would like to see someone like Malcolm Turnbull running NSW much like what Jeff Kennett did for Victoria.

  • Robbie Mac says:

    A simple solution – use the Franklin Dam example and make the greater Middle Head area subject to an international treaty – some sort of heritage area or similar. Then set the wheels in motion…. Not even the slipperiest of NSW Labor pollies could avoid that defeat. Wouldn’t that make for grand theatre?

  • Robbie,

    It would certainly make grand theatre 🙂

    Watch the Council’s start selling off public golf courses for residential subdivisions – they will make plenty plus the added bonus of significantly increasing annual council rate revenues with all the new housing created. The sales will be disguised under the commentary that this way they can keep everyone’s rates down instead of the usual annual increase.

    Just look at electricity costs where in NSW they estimate a 64 per cent increase over the next three years. The State Government also has to replace all of its ageing Power Stations at a cost of billions and those monies sadly are not available due to their chronic wastage over the years.

    Only the views look pretty.

  • Gordon says:

    It’s interesting to compare an aspect of the education “revolution” (revulsion against wasted funds, more like) with the yes/no shuffle of the Emperor on population growth.

    The BER head contracts mostly went to large firms with heavily unionised workforces. There are now many indications that handing the work to local builders would have given school communities a lot more say in meeting their needs, and at much lower cost (or with much more to show for it).

    There seems to be a common thread of vote catching running through the BER delivery, the big Australia concept, the Emperor’s actions on encouraging illegal immigrants and the coming debate on dropping the voting age to 16.

    All of these actions are said to increase Labor votes. It would be a pity if that is the only thing that is motivating the Emperor and his vast retinue of taxpayer funded minions.

  • Mark says:

    Yes, Emperor Rudd’s solution is to throw money at everything, spin it to say what a great job he is doing to assist the economy (and push up inflation and interest rates and increase debt), help hospitals, schools and every other vote heartstring. Love to see a list of all the broken promises from the last election. His weak calibre team could not run a lemonade stand in 40 degree heat, nor a small, medium, large business, nor even a charity I suspect.

  • Gordon and Mark – as usual you are correct. The Emperor is fast running out of time given he has just two week’s to get his Health reform approved at COAG and it won’t happen – so what has he then?

    The Reserve Bank of Australia is tightening monetary policy yet Fort Fumble keep spending with no signs of tightening stimulus spending which will drive inflation through the roof. Interest rates won’t be north of 10 per cent which I will address in this week’s edition.

    Did you see Sunday Night on Channel 7 (last night) which ran a segment on the BER debacle? I don’t blame the building companies they were just quoting on the work out to tender. The fury of the constituents will be a telling factor as they are far from impressed – I suspect this will resonate back through the ballot box.

    Rudd and his cohorts are in a corner which is based on their economic wrongdoings – as they say give em enough rope and the rest is history.

  • It would be a sad thing, but I think this hypothetical may become a reality if not in our lifetime our children’s, certainly if we continue to be managed by the “Fort Crumble’s” of this world. It seems that all the great State politicians aren’t in politics! Stand up all you great politicians, Alan…? Robert…?

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