NSW votes – four Premiers in four years?

NSW votes – four Premiers in four years?


They’re funny things these state elections – where all the focus (for obvious reasons) is directed to marginal seats. This would explain why, for the last sixteen years one could in all probability count on the one hand, the number of times the Premier(s) travelled north of the Harbour Bridge. Not even sure who the candidates are (outside the sitting Liberal member) given none have been seen or heard in Mosman. Ironically, the lower north shore and upper north shore households donate billions in stamp duty and land tax with all their donations directed to those marginal seats.

I must have been at a property inspection when the Keneally and O’Farrell buses toured Mosman. Possibly the traffic congestion was a valid reason for the detour, although our taxes are very sweet and a high priority for their coffers.

Pre – election marketing campaigns have been fascinating when, after sixteen years, NSW Labor could not even use this opportunity to boast and show off their achievements. Possibly a thirty second television advertisement was too long to fill that time slot? The reason why is simple. It will be remembered for all the stuff – ups and constant controversies with an oversupply of sex, lies and those video tapes. Fort Crumble is now in its final 48 hours – life support has been switched off as Premier Bambi learns that with a state election there are no strings attached.


Rogues who drove Labor to oblivion – here we go again. “Six days and counting. From debauched office parties to sex and drugs sessions, corrupt conduct, rorting, poisonous infighting and plain mismanagement and ineptitude – the list of sins behind NSW Labor’s decline and spectacular fall rivals ancient Rome’s excesses.”

Question: Would Julia Gillard be in ‘The Lodge’ today, if she went to last year’s federal election on that mandate? Of course not – although it get’s interesting given Gillard gains ground in Newspoll. The problem facing Julia Gillard is her credibility where nobody in Australia knows just who is running Australia. Will the real Julia please stand up? Tree – hugger and King of Weeds Bob Brown denies forcing carbon tax on PM. Whilst Australia’s biggest steelmaker, who we can  assume knows a thing or two about the subject Julia Gillard rejects Bluescope Steel criticism of carbon tax. Julia Gillard’s carbon tax hit a hiccup when Garnaut calls for $30 billion of ‘taxpayers’ money to be spent on green technology. Great article by Annabel Crabb – Prime Minister! The people are revolting. Alas all over the world today we see that s%&! happens.

Key adviser Gary Banks sees risk in carbon tax as Labor MP’s ordered to distance government from the Greens as it bids to sell carbon tax. Carbon tax in my opinion is easily resolved – it is not a matter that Australia needs it rather can we afford it? Yes Brian, politics and real estate are closely synchronised – carbon tax will hurt housing affordability: Brickworks. One of Australia’s biggest building material businesses has slammed the federal government’s proposed carbon tax, saying it will increase the cost of housing and spark a mass exodus of manufacturing jobs and investment. We already have unaffordable housing. This week the Reserve Bank of Australia reported that in 2010 households were saving ten per cent of their net disposable income, compared to levels below four per cent early in the decade.

Sydney’s housing shortage to continue so don’t forget that Brickworks are predicting a further 10  per cent rise in building costs with a carbon tax. The National Housing Supply Council suggests that we are approximately 178,400 houses short from the required number at present, with this deficit set to increase to 308,000 within the next five years and a frightening 640,000 by the year 2028. Property developers are fast becoming an extinct species given rising costs of construction, GST and then another $200,000 to build in NSW due to government taxes. Hello – no wonder they have relocated to other states when  the numbers don’t stack up and it is no longer financially viable. That would need something called a feasibility study and that is beyond political comprehension. In western Sydney buyers are being forced to buy to avoid the out of control rental market.

Labor backflips on its NBN promise to regional Australia where legislation circulated by Communications Minister Stephen Conroy reveal that the NBN Co could have the discretion to charge different prices for bush communities using wireless and satellite services than their city counterparts using fibre – optic cable. So what happened to uniform pricing? It has been replaced by monopoly pricing, that’s what happened

Swan prepares ground for tough budget, and eventual surplus otherwise known as a massaging process for more bad news to come. Of course natural disasters make it difficult.  Wayne, the real estate market at present is difficult too!

I’ve been selling real estate for twenty six years and the current market is without a doubt right up there as being most confusing. It is obvious with the RBA announcement that households are fast reducing debt and now  Julia Gillard wants to spike the cost of living with a carbon tax – yet to be costed?

Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan have never before run a business and  the same could be said for John Howard. My concern is, that Gillard and Swan are attempting to reform an injured economy when  in fact they are actually deforming it. The signs are certainly prevalent – most notably, this week’s NSW election which has already been decided before NSW votes. Telecasts commence at 6.30 pm and in all probability will switch to alternate programs by 8.00 pm.

Apologies. We will continue the Mosman plus $5,000,000 sales from 2005 to 2010 next week. Last week’s blog has been energetic and thought provoking. When consumers err on the side of caution, it impacts Australia’s circular flow of income. When consumers reduce spending, this is never construed as a vote of confidence in the government of the day.

The sooner we get back to basics the better! As for tomorrow’s state election – always impartial so all that I will add is “may the best man win”.

Cheers ^__^

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7 Responses to “NSW votes – four Premiers in four years?”

  • Ann says:

    The proposed Carbon Tax will do little to reduce carbon emissions, yet we will all see rises in fuel, food, good and services, as its impact hits everything, and makes Australia more uncompetitive.

    The cash handouts to lower income families will be like the cash splashes of the past. Increase in pokie revenue, sales of flat panel TV’s etc. No incentive for housholds to cut emissions.

  • Snow White says:

    22 hours of Fort Crumble to go!

  • Ann says:

    RIP Fort Crumble

    Interesting that the Greens did so poorly. if you subtract the Balmain and Marrickville results, where they spent so much, the Greens may have gone backwards. A clear warning to them

  • Keep it up. Politics and Property markets are inescapably linked.

  • Robbie Mac says:

    With so much happening in The Boff’s first week, I am sure you are already contemplating bumping the $5m+ analysis for another week. On that basis, such analysis may never happen….

  • Too funny – no we will be running the $5m+ results. The Estate of the late Fort Crumble will have quite some longevity it would appear given there appears to be no immediate beneficiaries aside from a few old union wannabes. The old Labor brigade will be squabbling about this for many more months to come 🙂 and it will bring down federal Labor too! Anna Bligh was correct when she called it a ‘disease’ now it is contagious of epic party proportions.

  • Ann says:

    It certainly is a disease, they are crawling out of the woodwork to relieve themselves on the corpse. Frank Sartor and Paul Keating in last 24 hours.

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