Nothing beats controlled political chaos!

Nothing beats controlled political chaos!

An extraordinary week in Australian politics that resembled the “Battle of Sydney Harbour” or maybe “Battleships in the Big Bathtub” – where part of all contestants’ boundaries (by coincidence) were the high water marks of Sydney Harbour. The “Mad Monk” won line honours and yet, as with any race (fluid spill motions) there are always protests and on the very same day, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) broke tradition and raised the cash rate (+0.25%) for the third consecutive month – a day of threes!

The cash rate, now at 3.75 per cent, keeps heading north and whilst on north, rumours that “The Emperor” Kevin Rudd is auditioning for Getaway, remain totally unsubstantiated. We can however, be sure that somewhere, he is up – up – and away and if he does call a double dissolution, will have to return to our shores sooner rather than later.

Gerard Henderson wrote an interesting article that appeared in the Sydney Morning HeraldLodge is a long way off, but the new man will shore up base. “Since its formation in 1944, the Liberal Party has won office from Labor on three occasions, Robert Menzies defeated Ben Chifley in 1949, Malcolm Fraser prevailed over Gough Whitlam in December 1975 and John Howard vanquished Paul Keating in March 1996.” What I did find amazing was this “It is most unlikely that Abbott can lead the Coalition to victory in next year’s election. No government has been defeated in its first election since 1931, when Labor prime minister, James Scullin, faced not only the impact of the Great Depression but also splits within his own party.”


Was the Mad Monk bunkered down at his Mosman headquarters – whilst observing troop movements at the harbour bunkers of Turnbull and Hockey? Loose lips sink ships. We asked Tim Mooney to fly over Tony Abbott’s Mosman bunker.

Westpac has jumped the starting gun where as quick as a flash it raised its standard variable home loan by 45 basis points to 6.76 per cent which comes into effect today. On November 5, 2009 John Rolfe from The Daily Telegraph wrote Cut Government taxes on savings, says Westpac boss Gail Kelly. It would appear to some, that raising rates has nothing to do with household savings. National Australia Bank (NAB) increased its home loan rates by +0.25 per cent and then attacked Westpac with this announcement “We are determined to be competitive, to offer our customers a better deal and attract new customers to NAB. Today we are sending a message to customers at Westpac, and the other banks, that NAB can offer them a better deal.”

“Westpac CEO Gail Kelly argued yesterday (November 4, 2009) that if we all had more money salted away the country could have ducked the global financial crisis.” So in the aftermath now that the crisis has passed one can only then assume that Westpac is quickly making up for lost opportunities. Business Spectator – THE DISTILLERY: Waving Westpac through John Durie of The Australian concludes that the bank “is acting entirely rationally by extending the duration of its loans, chasing deposits aggressively as evidenced by its present campaign offering 6.8 per cent for 12 – month money and raising the cost of loans to protect profits. Its deposits now offer 130 basis points more than its closest competitors and 145 basis points more than the ANZ. This is a bank demonstrating its market strength emphatically, unworried by the potential for either market or political downside.” Or “roughly in simpatico is Matthew Stevens of The Australian who reasons that “Westpac’s decision to confront its customers with the nasty realities of our national funding dilemma serves to, once again, demonstrate the shaping dislocation of the Australian banking system triggered by the GFC. The latest credit growth numbers, for example, confirm the widening schism of the Four Pillars into a two – and – two – configuration. The data shows that the Commonwealth and Westpac now dominate the system growth like never before, speaking for 80 per cent of loan growth over October.” Wayne Swan approved the acquisition St George Bank by Westpac.


Market share of the big four banks, including BankWest and St George as at September 30 / Source: The Australian


Macquarie Economics Research wrote Interest Rate Outlook – Gradual gets quicker

  • “The RBA lifted the cash rate by 25bps in December. While the RBA’s view of the world has changed little since November, the news over the past month has reinforced their view that the recovery in train is on stable ground. We expect the cash rate to reach 4.50 % by the end of 2010.”

2-12-2009 3-02-30 PM
2-12-2009 2-55-16 PM
2-12-2009 3-03-40 PM

Reserve Bank Deputy Governor Ric Battellino is indeed very upbeat about the Australian economy in that we can expect and look forward to years of economic growth on the back of booming resources, escalating population growth with rising household incomes. The RBA is predicting a strong escalation of house prices because Australia had entered “a new upswing” that would extend its record 18 years of continuous economic expansion.

RP Data revealed this week that house prices have doubled to an average $600,000 over the past ten years – the average Sydney house price was $300,000 back in 1999. The average price for an apartment in 1999 was $270,000 today it is $457,274.

The latest BIS Shrapnel Residential Property Prospects report identified that residential rent are expected to rise by an average 5.8 per cent a year over the next three years. This compares with a 5.7 per cent increase in 2009 and an average annual rate of 4.4 per cent between 2002 and 2008. Throw in an electricity bill expected to rise by 60 per cent over the next three years (according to an IPART report).

Fort Crumble was at it again and we now have our fourth premier in four years – recruitment companies would be well justified in opening up a sacked premier’s division. Now we have our first female premier – Kristina Keneally (no strings attached)! Can’t wait to see who makes up her front bench? Not that she will have any say in it! The Daily Telegraph is running a petition for an early election (To Sign)

Last edition of Virtual Realty News for 2009 next week – the chaos of this week would be very hard to beat. Thankfully it is controlled – however we all know that elected politicians make great puppeteers.

Cheers ^__^

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