They say that it’s all about timing, and there’s a very interesting landscape on the horizon. With Wall Street dropping its pants which in turn led to the Australian sharemarket’s panic attack, this clearly identifies how fragile this market is. Just days latter when Wall Street corrected its ‘wardrobe malfunction’, a buy recommendation started doing the rounds on our sharemarket in the hope of creating a paper feeding frenzy. Even more interesting was that when the ASX 200 index closed earlier this week below 4000 (which is the lowest since Christmas 2004) you had to go to the Business Section of The Sydney Morning Herald as this protected species bears no resemblance to the property market. Had the property market posted similar results it would have been posted all over the front pages, real estate agents unlike stock brokers are much more acclimatised to fighting adversity. Just as interesting is that following the Wall Street ‘wardrobe malfunction’ at the beginning of the week, just days later, companies are now announcing profit downgrades. It just goes to show “what a difference a week makes !! ”

With our wardrobe looking pretty dapper at the minute, we are more than confident that the market will continue on from where it left off now the April sabbatical is over. During the next week we will be launching in our Home Division $45,000,000 worth of prime Mosman real estate, based on previous experiences this is very significant showcase of properties with price ranges from $1.800 million through to $5.750 million. Our selling window in this quarter goes from April 27 to June 30, so the next nine weeks will provide an excellent representation of the state of our niche market. We are brimming with confidence! Not to be left out of the equation, the Apartment Division which still trades like a 24 hour diner, has ten new properties hitting the market next week also. This division never ceases to amaze us and given that the investors appear to be on a restraining order from property, should the profit downgrades continue we are very confident that we should see a happy reunion over the coming weeks. Get ready to hang out the big ‘Welcome Home’ sign given the recent attack on rents by Property Managers. With ‘Bobby Dazzlers’ tenure in his ‘State of Decay’ moving from serious to critical it looks like our state is preparing itself for a life support system, following his refusal to sign the new tax deal with Canberra.

Never one to be out of the spotlight ‘Dazza’ gets our quote of the week. Mr Carr said ”NSW residents paid $13 billion in GST to Canberra and received only $10 billion in return.” Come on ‘Dazza’, NSW collects more taxes than the other states, and you are ‘numero uno’ in collecting taxes. Unfortunately you fail to understand where to spend it !! It is pretty difficult to show any remorse for someone who has ‘raped and pillaged’ the state through taxes and sadly today we have very little to show for it. His day of reckoning is just thirty-two days away when he reveals the performance card (otherwise known as the budget).

You will have to wait just a week to sample what’s on our new property menu, we can assure you that we don’t have diet on our mind. As for our prediction for this quarter regarding sales, hard work and further proof that the ‘Mosman $’ is one of the strongest currencies on the planet. Have a great Anzac long weekend !! Lest we forget ^__^

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