No Partying In The Australian Labor Party – Still A Huge Hangover

No Partying In The Australian Labor Party – Still A Huge Hangover


.Rather a parting of ways as Australia’s most unpopular prime minister is challenged by Australia’s second most unpopular prime minister. It’s more than obvious that the government has absolutely lost the plot to such an extent that like NSW Labor, the Australian Labor Party (ALP) has lost relevance and this is resonating in the polls. It will be most interesting to see the Newspoll polling that is due for release on Monday, I expect Julia Gillard to receive a massive backlash. The ALP simply don’t get it. The polls are all about policies and the relevant politicians.

Will Rudd sacrifice Labor? Whatever the outcome of next Monday’s ballot where I expect that Kevin Rudd will be soundly defeated because he just does not have the numbers. He will simply head to the back benches to plot his next challenge given party polling will only get worse. No chance of an election anytime soon although it must be noted that this is all about out of control, egotistical, political party annihilation. Never before in Australia’s political history have we seen such a hostile and hardcore attack on members and it will only get worse.

The hatred between Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd is unprecedented to such an extent that I predict both will end up on the backbench – fast tracking their political oblivion. In a perfect Australia I would love nothing more than to see Malcolm Turnbull as Australia’s next prime minister although to Abbott, the spoils of the spill may well see him as Australia’s next prime minister. If a federal election was held next month it would be a landslide Liberal victory where the ALP would be decimated much like the March 2011 NSW election. The name of the NSW Opposition leader is? Next month’s Queensland election will leave an enormous clue.


Brighten up Aussies, Treasury chief says which is no doubt an intervention prompted by the Prime Minister’s office (PMO). I’m not sure how the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) announced that Australia’s unemployment rate had actually decreased by 0.1 points in January to 5.1 percent. Roy Morgan had earlier announced that unemployment spiked 1.7 percent in January to 10.3 percent.

Roy Morgan was quick to fire off a press release comparing the two contradictory sets of figures – Roy Morgan Unemployment Figures (10.3% in January) show situation “on the ground” while ABS unemployment figures (5.1%) defy belief as job losses mount around Australia.) In a nutshell, the ABS data is based on those looking for work in the four weeks prior to the survey. Roy Morgan bases its survey on those unemployed – looking for work seeking employment. Should Roy Morgan be proved correct this will damage the “World’s Greatest Treasurer’s” credibility. This data is now being closely scrutinised.

I had to laugh when I read RBA warns banks to maintain lending standards so that a US – housing style collapse does not happen in Australia. Let me tell you that never before have I seen such hard bank valuations where the banks are valuing twenty percent below the negotiated sale price. The more one borrows the less chance of the valuation meeting the negotiated sale price – which is happening prior to the exchange of contracts.

Source: Domain Property Monitors

    MOSMAN – 2088

    • Number of houses on the market last week– 129
    • Number of houses on the market this week – 137
    • Number of apartments on the market last week – 118
    • Number of apartments on the market this week – 128

    CREMORNE – 2090

    • Number of houses on the market last week– 16
    • Number of houses on the market this week – 13
    • Number of apartments on the market last week – 18
    • Number of apartments on the market this week – 21

    NEUTRAL BAY – 2089

    • Number of houses on the market last week – 17
    • Number of houses on the market this week – 21
    • Number of apartments on the market last week – 71
    • Number of apartments on the market this week – 92

A significant increase in Mosman house listings this week, although well below the spring 2011 peak of 168 house offerings. We may now hit 140 houses on the run up to Easter. Interesting to note that this week, we saw the first sales of Mosman houses for 2012.

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Fairfax profit ‘disappointing’ Well, it could be about to get a whole lot worse given plenty of consumers and agents are questioning just why the Saturday Domain format has been changed. Purchasers looking for Mosman houses now have to look in two different sections which is an absolute no brainer given it is set on suburb alpha sort. To make matters even worse, I’m told that this weekend, will see the merging of houses and apartments as one to create a monumental “dogs breakfast”. Considering that I played an instrumental part in the previous design of Saturday Domain, I predict that Fairfax will lose business with this management planning disaster.

It should not be about bowing to pressure from a few franchisors, but rather, accommodating each and every vendor’s decision as to who they decide will represent them in the sale of their property. It is the vendors who pay for the advertisement, not the franchisors.

Our advertisements appear under “M” for Mosman which should not be confused as “M” for manipulation. I’ll bet chief executive Greg Hywood is not aware of such a decision and let me say the “dogs are barking” loudly too.

The modern era has taught consumers how to quick search, not long search! Those are the “fair facts”.

Not a case of alpha search rather testosterone with alpha male.

Cheers ^__^

4 Responses to “No Partying In The Australian Labor Party – Still A Huge Hangover”

  • Ann says:


    Where do we start this week. Business and consumer confidence is important to Australia, as is our competitivenes. There is so much out the window at the moment.

    I read an interesting piece the other day. Is the next Labor PM after this Parliament ends, born yet?

  • Hotly Spiced says:

    Rudd or Gillard. Are they our only choices? Slim pickings indeed. If there are other voters out there like me, you’re not only fed up with what they’ve done to the country but fed up with the constant in-fighting, lying, cover-ups, secret deals, back-stabbing, sulking, pouting and an opportunistic attitude. We should have a count-down to the next election like there is a count-down to the next Olympics – it would give us all some hope!

  • Ann says:

    @ Hotly Spiced.

    What we really need and over this weekend, is for Windsor or Wilkie or Oakshott to wake up and take action.

    I cannot see that happening, they do not want an early election and be looking for a job early.

  • Yes, “dogs breakfast” is how I would describe it too. Wake up Fairfax, it’s not too late.. Or is it?

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