No envy as Fort Fumble goes for broke!

No envy as Fort Fumble goes for broke!

Prime Minister Julia Gillard keeps reminding Australians that our economy is the envy of the world – which in all probability explains why Labor’s popularity drops to a record low. Newspoll reported this week that Labor’s primary vote had dropped from thirty per cent to twenty seven per cent (a survey compiled prior to the carbon tax release announcement). If the next Newspoll (due in two week’s time) identifies a further decline, it will be all over for the ‘red rover’.

Economically, Australians are concerned about just the one thing – household debt. A carbon tax for the price of a broken promise it is now boom or bust for ALP’s ideology. Australia is not buying the tax for clean air argument, as it has been acknowledged that Australia’s carbon tax will have next to no effect .Julia Gillard’s carbon price promise when she advised Australia “I rule out a carbon tax” has the prime minister struggling to acknowledge why a promise is not a promise. Of course, if it was not a tax, the prime minister would find Australian sentiment much more forgiving – the old Aussie vernacular liar, liar pants (hair) on fire has resonated throughout the entire debate. Rate rises, global uncertainty, carbon push consumer sentiment to two – year low so what is the common denominator? That would be carbon chaos in Canberra!

Then we have the elephant in the room, otherwise known as the budget deficit which continues to blow out – hence carbon tax on surplus ‘not dramatically significant’. Another broken promise given Treasurer Wayne Swan now admits that the climate change package will decrease the projected budget surplus despite his promise that the package would be revenue neutral. No doubt the Treasurer would have been pleased to see that the Building the Education Revolution waste blows out to $1.1bn which is down from the Pink Batts fiasco which lost $2.45bn. That’s $3.55bn lost due to mismanagement, and to be repaid by taxpayers.


Julia Gillard needs a new policy distraction given sixty per cent of Australians don’t want a carbon tax.  Fort Fumble has positioned itself between a rock and a very hard place. Having just back flipped on waiting hours at hospitals, the plan for a federal takeover became so infected that Nicola Roxon gives in to states on health. Then you have stupidity and cattle export revolt cloud Julia Gillard’s clear air where the public consensus is that plenty of pain for very little gain in cattle export fight. The problem with Fort Fumble is that there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Australians are smart enough to see that reckless decisions are frustrating and damaging to consumer confidence – Gillard rejects early election call. Prime Ministers are very much like rugby league coaches.  If the team’s not winning, the coach gets the sack – Gillard determined to avoid the axe.


The Australian – Order Bill Leak’s Print

Rent growth slowing in capital cities comes as little surprise.   With households totally focussed on debt, rental debt is no exception. The supply of housing in Australia today, remains a complete debacle housing supply – Melbourne good news, Sydney bad news. Only 141,618 new dwellings were built in NSW between 2006 and 2010 although the number of households increased by 159,388. What part of this do you think that our governments don’t understand? In 2010 NSW built just 27,655 new dwellings where Victoria built a record 50,700 dwellings (almost twice that of NSW). An amazing statistic when, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, NSW has a population of 7,272,200 and Victoria 5,585,600. Little wonder that NSW house prices falls smallest: survey and a carbon tax raises the cost of construction of a new home by approximately five to ten per cent! Julia, tell us we’re dreaming – a carbon tax on coal hits NSW coffers hard.

All quiet on the eastern front – You can say that again. Mosman is an interesting study, when in winter, the market all but closes down.  Mosman residents  prefer to travel – hence this week’s amazing ‘for sale’ statistics. Who would have believed there would be just eighty houses for sale Domain Property Data. I have never before seen a tighter Mosman market.

MOSMAN – 2088

  • Number of houses on the market last week – 83
  • Number of houses on the market this week – 80
  • Number of apartments on the market last week – 99
  • Number of apartments on the market this week – 92


  • Number of houses on the market last week – 16
  • Number of houses on the market this week –  16
  • Number of apartments on the market last week – 34
  • Number of apartments on the market this week – 31


  • Number of houses on the market last week – 7
  • Number of houses on the market this week – 7
  • Number of apartments on the market last week – 62
  • Number of apartments on the market this week – 65

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It’s just getting too cold for me, so I am taking a break for a few weeks. Andrew, Steve and Rich will be providing their collective pearls of property wisdom.

On that note, I would like to thank our first female prime minister for announcing her carbon tax during the school holidays, when so many Australians are away. I do ask the Labor caucus to delay the announcement of Australia’s next prime minister, until I return to Virtual Realty News.

Cheers ^__^

3 Responses to “No envy as Fort Fumble goes for broke!”

  • Ann says:

    Have a good break Robert,

    I think Gillard will get a bounce upwards in the polls. Dead Cat Bounce, due to all the money she is wafting in front of some voters.

    Interesting that the Treasury assumptions in the Carbon Tax announcement assume that USA and China will have a Carbon Tax. The US Congress has firmly ruled it out, and as for China – – Buckleys.

    Whos is next ALP leader? Stephen Smith 10/1, Shorten 5/1, Combet 4/1.
    Rudd 15/1. Leadership change by August 2012 is odds on I would say?

    Have a relaxing break Robert.

  • Ann says:

    You picked a GREAT week to leave Sydney Robert. Hope weather is perfect for you.

  • Tim Mooney says:

    Robert enjoy the weather break. Disgusting here. Particularly for aerial photography. I suppose that’s why we have a library of images for bad weather.

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