Mind your business – build infrastructure and communicate in 2011

Mind your business – build infrastructure and communicate in 2011

We keep hearing when the “going gets tough the tough get going” so you could be excused from thinking anytime soon that our luck has changed (for the better). A stark reality of the global financial crisis (GFC) has been the over reliant business concept where the hope factor remained the dominant strategy moving forward – trying hard and out of luck. No better example than that of our politicians where today, their decision making process is directed by polls as against policies.

The GFC was actually a great measure for businesses and governments although they responded in totally opposite directions. Businesses paid down debt and governments amassed debt which should not come as a great surprise as one is personal debt over other people’s debt. As a result of the GFC two words spring to mind: communication and infrastructure which is what I believe will be the key business strategies moving forward and succeeding in 2011 and beyond.

In that perfect world put simply: if we have every intended purchaser and vendor on our database (communication and infrastructure) we would be one of the most successful businesses on the entire planet – today we (most) strive in business to deliver the perfect consumer model. Just another part of life’s ongoing business challenges – so many businesses ignore and fight online which is now our future. No point fighting it – work it, use it and more importantly dominate it as it reciprocates one hundred fold (plus).



Our thanks to Tim Mooney for again spoiling us in 2010 with his amazing aerial captures which are simply breathtaking and most often mind boggling. Many subscribers contacted Tim throughout the year requesting aerial shots of their respective homes – they make for sensational Christmas cards.

Another fascinating year in Australian politics – a federal election, hung parliament, cross deals, resignations, scandals and the sacking of the Prime Minister. We pretty well had it all and more. Next March NSW is off to the polls as Fort Crumble limps to its final days make that 19: NSW Labor resignations which is unprecedented in Australian political history. A Christmas wish as Premier ‘Bambi ‘Keneally begs for a second chance despite revelations this week that $350 million wasted on Metro, audit reveals then insisting that when she dumped the Metro  the money had not been wasted. Oh dear!

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Congratulations to our very own Steve Patrick and Jacqui Rowland – Smith who posted Mosman’s top sale for 2010 with the sale of Morella Road also the twelfth highest sale in Sydney for 2010. Steve also posted Mosman’s second highest sale when he sold a home in Stanley Avenue Balmoral last month – Mosman recorded four sales in Sydney’s Top 20 sales for 2010. Of interest is that sixteen (16) houses that Richardson & Wrench Mosman & Neutral Bay (RWM) sold in 2010 set new street records – an amazing feat in a difficult market. RWM have posted Mosman’s highest recorded house sales in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

This week we set an Australian record when we posted $1 billion in subscriber sales to our online business which now sits at $1,001,770,228. Our first subscriber sale was recorded in October 2000 when we sold an apartment for $270,000 – our real estate online model is considered an Australia leader within our industry. Nobody really knew what we were trying to achieve when we rolled it out ten years ago – today it is recognised as a leading example for our industry.



  • 2008 – Total Value Sold $774,865,612
  • 2009 – Total Value Sold $668,966,377
  • 2010 – Total Value Sold $692,658,555*
  • *Still being compiled

  • 2008 – Total Number Sold – 360
  • 2009 – Total Number Sold – 334
  • 2010 – Total Number Sold – 320*
  • *Still being compiled

  • 2008 – Median Price $2,275,000
  • 2009 – Median Price $2,000,000
  • 2010 – Median Price $2,100,000*
  • *Still being compiled

  • 2008 – Average Price $2,738,041
  • 2009 – Average Price $2,397,728
  • 2010 – Average Price $2,500,572*
  • *Still being complied

    Source: Australian Property Monitors

    What to watch closely in 2011?

    6-12-2010 12-20-49 PM

    Many thanks to the team at Macquarie Research for sharing their graphs with us in 2010

    This is your final edition of Virtual Realty News for 2010 and we would like to thank you for your support in 2010. Next year will be our eleventh year of publishing Virtual Realty News and we have plenty in store for you in 2011. With each edition in 2011 we will also be launching a weekly video where we tackle what is happening with our property markets – sure to be controversial (if I get my way.) I will be endeavouring to interview as many interesting people as we can. This will be brought to you by Visual Domain our video partner with Virtual Realty Videos.

    Thanks to Ryan and Peter at Agentpoint our online web developers whom I drive absolutely mad with my online impulsive disorders where we constantly dare to be different. You guys are without a doubt the best in the business and an absolute pleasure to work with.

    Whilst on videos here is our Christmas video for all of our subscribers (I suggested in last week’s edition that one of our staff was at a recording studio) – it is 100 per cent his voice. So turn your volume – up and click on full screen. Our Christmas video has already been nominated for best real estate Christmas video for 2010.

    As you can see we work with a fantastic team (I think that shows) you would have observed that our family is growing. On behalf of Steve, Rich and everyone else at RWM we want to say to each and every one of you – thank you very much!

    Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – see you again in 2011 for much, much more.


    Cheers (and stop calling me Baz Lurman) ^__^

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15 Responses to “Mind your business – build infrastructure and communicate in 2011”

  • Ann says:

    Congrats to all at R&W for reaching $1 billion dollars and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all and all the VRN contributors. Happy and safe holidays to all.

  • Jodene says:

    I love the video – it is fabulous!

    Well done on reaching the $1bn, what a great achievement and another good reason to crack the Champagne this Christmas.

  • Greg Vincent says:

    Congratulations Robert & the team. I’ve really enjoyed reading your articles throughout the year. Have a great Christmas. 🙂

    I look forward to the videos in 2011 and your take on the ‘Crumbling’, landslide NSW State election in March. Cheers Greg 🙂

  • Ryan O'Grady says:


    Well done on yet another year in delivering VRN and congratulations in reaching the 1 Billion in subscriber sales. It’s quite an achievement and reinforces the value in engaging an online audience.

    All the best on your break and I enjoyed the video. That’s what Christmas is about!

  • Gordon says:

    Well done on ticking up your first billion in sales from happy netizens, and may the next billion come up even quicker.

    Like all of you, we look forward to a break and enter the New Year with the hope it will be better than the last one. Well, it will be, won’t it??

    And any remaining denizens of Fort Crumbled will be hard at it over the holidays, trying to use the benefit of incumbency to lock in their lurks, perks and benefits ahead of the coming regime change. The incoming govt will have one hell of a job on their hands.

  • Happy Christmas.
    And for the video……..umm………thanky’verymuch

  • Patricia says:

    I’m sure a payment will be due to The King’s estate, but whether it is for royalties or damages will be for the lawyers to decide!

    Merry Christmas and thanks for another year of VRN.

  • Ann says:

    Nice little write up in the Sun Herald today Robert, congratulations.

  • Nicholas says:

    Robert has a PhD in defending himself

  • Robbie Mac says:

    Mmmm. As singers and dancers, you make legendary real estate gurus!

    Lovely to see the next generation on display, and look forward to further commentary on what no doubt will be another year rich in content, opportunity and the foibles of human nature. All of which combine uniquely to determine the price and value of our properties.

    Best wishes for the season and into 2011.

  • Nona Mills says:

    Congratulations Robert & the team. I’ve really enjoyed reading your articles throughout the year. Have a great Christmas. 🙂 I look forward to the videos in 2011 and your take on the ‘Crumbling’, landslide NSW State election in March. Cheers Greg 🙂

  • Happy Christmas. And for the video……..umm………thanky’verymuch

  • Ann says:

    Welcome back on deck Robert

  • Still in stealth mode 🙂

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