Landlord Services

Property Management

• First and foremost, our property management team cares and focuses on facilitating solutions for any situation

• We advise you on strategies how to maximise gains and minimise losses – we are experts in our field

• We also focus on having real relationships with you, so you don’t feel as a number in the business

• We build real relationships with the tenants of your investment property – we know they mean everything to a successful tenancy

• We are an owner to owner business – any time as an owner of an investment property, you can call the owner of our business

• Professional marketing and strategies attracting more quality tenants to select the best to rent out the property

• We are not buying rent-rolls – we are building this business organically, so you can continue receiving exceptional service for our property management team

• We introduce the newest technologies that will provide you a greater level of care and attention to detail in looking after your investment property.

• We have engaged the very best property management coaches in the industry to ensure our property management team are always on the forefront in everything we do.

• Access to our award winning Sales team to provide you a total real estate solution – a complimentary annual sales opinion is available to you.