It has been a horrid week for the revered Leader of the “State of Decay” (“Bobby Dazzler”), who did not take kindly to the public announcement by his opponent that he would remove, if elected, Dazzler’s nasty new property taxes. “Brogers” did not stop there. He then took aim at the “fat cat” bureaucrats, suggesting that they would be looking at the employment section of The Sydney Morning Herald (no doubt after they had read “Sauce” and “Title Deeds”). Poor Bobby Dazzler, whose mind these days drifts across the Tasman to his new abode in the “land of the long white cloud” where it appears he is practicing the local lingo for the day he takes up residence. Whilst breaking bread a few weeks ago in an Italian eatery, he was overheard ordering his favourite dish “futter cheney” as he shared stories with other “ekka dymocks”.

No doubt this week’s announcement by the “Millionaires’ Factory” that they posted a very healthy net profit of $494 million, had many a Mosman letter box opened with excitement as it is no secret that the majority of “factory” workers rest their weary bones in Mosman at night. With the factory workers set to experience great joy today, many will no doubt be casting a more than interested eye over quite a few real estate websites in the coming weeks. For the record, Macquarie Bank is our largest banking subscriber just ahead of Deutsche Bank.

When one has a close look at the April auction results, the property market overall, performed pretty well considering that the month of April is considered a “dead rubber”. Seventy five per cent of the month is made up of school holidays and we also have Easter and Anzac Day, so the clearance rate of fifty two per cent is quite a positive result. The CPM Research figures identified 729 properties offered, 384 sold, (these are under the hammer results) with total sales $368,237,850. Plenty of Stamp Duty in those results!! It will be most interesting next week for the Mosman property market, given that approximately fifty properties are being offered. It will be “all eyes” to see how the property market fares. We have set our target at $15 million in sales, and the improving clearance rates are evident as our Double Bay office offered ten properties at their auctions last week, and sold nine, which is an awesome result. Whenever the real estate market changes, there is no substitute for experience!

It is not just the property market that Bobby Dazzler is hell-bent on destroying. He has upset the teachers this week after trying to slash their well-deserved pay increases. Yet again, Dazzler keeps referring to his lost $376 million courtesy of the Commonwealth Grants Commission. Well, his budget estimate this year alone in Stamp Duty will bring in ninety four per cent more than the missing grant. No wonder his trusty treasurer had his application to enter the NSW Government in the Small Business Awards rejected, because Dazzler believes that it could still be a big business.

Then that other concern with our H2o, as it hit an all time low of fifty per cent empty. It was last at full capacity fourteen years ago. My tip, buy shares in bottled water companies for, as a commodity, our H2o will be like gold in years to come. Especially when the NSW Transport and Population Data Centre revealed this week that 10,000,000 people will live in Sydney in fifty years time. “Cranky Franky” Sartor still sees no need to build more dams.

Bobby Dazzler’s “dunnesty” is looking as though he has “cussed” it goodbye, so no doubt his dreams of the “long white cloud” are becoming more of a reality. Just amazing how, for the best part of a decade, he has been grabbing and claiming credit for his surplus funds. Just goes to show what happens when one loses his dazzle and tiredness takes control………awww time to rest on a cloud !! Cheers and clink ^__^

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