It’s official!  Mosman is Australia’s number one real estate municipality.

It’s official! Mosman is Australia’s number one real estate municipality.

Big statement you may say – well we didn’t say it RP Data’s Property Pulse revealed “Premium properties provide higher returns but volumes have remained relatively low in 2009”. It then went on to say “for cashed – up buyers the premium housing market could be poised to deliver excellent returns in the future.” A comprehensive property report that tracks Australian municipality machinations from 1999 through to 2009. What is interesting to observe, is exactly how the global financial crisis impacted property markets. We have published all the graphs in this week’s edition.

Property Pulse Highlights

  • Sydney’s Mosman leads the nation with the highest number of house sales priced at $1 m or higher.
  • Sydney and Melbourne featured equally in the top 20 suburbs for $1 m plus house sales in 2009.
  • The Western Suburbs of Perth holds two of the top performing suburbs in the analysis.
  • For units, the Sydney suburb of Pyrmont led the charge with 95 unit sales priced at $1 m or higher (that’s only 22 per cent of all Pyrmont sales in 2009,highlighting the wide variety of unit product in this inner city suburb).



The Sydney Morning Herald’s property editor Jonathan Chancellor wrote last Saturday, “Mosman turns up auction heat”. “Mosman has led the resurgence in auction activity with 100 listings in the first quarter, up from 43 during the same period last year. The pricey suburb’s 67 per cent success rate bettered the dismal 37 per cent clearance rate during the eye of the global financial storm.”

Each week we publish the weekly sales results and I would add that (some) agents have been doctoring the results of auctions which were passed in then, hey presto, two to four weeks later the very same properties reappear as ‘Sold – Auction’ (never let the facts get in the way of a good story).

Across Sydney, agents conducted 4560 auctions in the first quarter of 2010, compared to 2960 over the same period in 2009 (according to Australian Property Monitors). The previous record was 4330 in 2008 so by all accounts Mosman again, is up and up and we can predict with confidence, that despite interest rate increases, consumer sentiment should not wane despite rate pain.

12-04-2010 10-18-48 AM

Source: RP Data

These are telling graphs that (historically) identify 2007 as being the all time peak property performance year. Take the 4330 auction record quarter in 2008. You will note that there was hardly any impact on the 2008 sales results simply because just a minority found new owners. The majority recorded a zero sales result. In 2010 we have seen new Sydney record auction volumes and this time around , agents are matching vendors with purchasers. That said, in 2010 there is a distinct possibility that the previous record sales results posted in 2007 will be surpassed, because top – end property markets are now re-activating. This explains the lengths we (RWM) go to on a weekly basis, to accurately cover our demographic property market. It also endorses the fact that we have the number one online Mosman newsletter and are positioned as the number one Mosman agency with Australia’s greatest number of database real estate subscriber sales $943,479,220.

12-04-2010 10-21-10 AM

Source: RP Data

12-04-2010 10-24-03 AM

Source: RP Data

10% rates on the way proved to be a interesting headline last Sunday. The only problem is, that consumers get it and Fort Fumble (Federal Government) doesn’t. Suffice to say: when in an election year, keep buying votes. Rory Robertson, Macquarie’s interest rate strategist, says a booming labour market could force the RBA’s hand. “If the economy keeps on growing like this, we will hit the previous highs in the cash rate.” Mr Robertson went on to say, “we already have a template of what happens when the economy grows strongly – we saw it before the Lehman Brothers collapse in 2008 – so we know how the Reserve Bank responds to the threat of inflation. It hiked aggressively back then, and it is doing the same now.”

On the one hand we have the Reserve Bank of Australia telling us to curb spending while Fort Fumble keeps spending at record rates. In search of an answer I went School building program won’t stop: govt Federal Education Minister Julia Gillard says the $16 billion school building programme won’t be suspended, pending an investigation, because it would mean job losses?

Don’t waste the boom, Mr Rudd where Alan Kohler wrote on his Business Spectator “In Australia, according to the ABS, there is now $133 billion worth of construction in the pipeline – the greatest investment boom in history.” Looks like our Education Minister needs educating on exactly what is happening in Australia.

Oh dear! Miss Prissy Julia Gillard hires a banker to unearth schools stimulus. A Mosman banker too! Undoubtedly, the findings will make for great reading. Personally, I don’t blame the builders given they were asked to quote for the building works and Miss Prissy approved the quotes.

What annoys, is that yet another $14 million has to be spent to correct political incompetence – on top of insulation, schools and border protection. The list goes on and today, Australian taxpayers are fast becoming a modern day version of a human ATM.

10-04-2010 9-27-59 AM

House prices plateau as buyers flee in droves – buyers are deserting the Sydney property market at the rate of 1000 a month, causing real estate professionals to predict an “exhausted market” where prices plateau for the rest of the year. This will definitely happen in many areas although it won’t happen in Mosman. Official figures show the number of loans to buy houses in NSW slipped from in September to just 14,300 in February after sliding in each of the past five months. The Australian Bureau of Statistics figures identify February as the worst month for home loans since 2001. Nationwide, just 2174 people borrowed to buy new homes, a figure that also reflects the low number of new homes on offer. School canteens override Construction slides as affordability worsens.

Alan Kohler from Business Spectator has a great ability to simplifying things and again, he brilliantly achieved this, when he wrote this week Deflating the credit bubble myth. “That’s why everyone keeps getting the property market wrong even the bulls have been surprised at its strength.”

“Anyway, a plateau this year would hardly be surprising, in fact another 12 per cent rise in the national median house price in 2010 would be staggering, and would see the RBA cash rate closer to 6 per cent than 5 per cent by early 2011.” My prediction is a cash rate closer to 6 per cent by Christmas given clearance rates in Sydney last week hit 70.7 to 73 per cent. Melbourne recorded 75.5 to 85 per cent – clearance rates above 80 per cent are considered a boom market.

Something I been saying for years!

10-04-2010 9-48-48 AM

Rising support to abolish state governments no doubt when the respective premiers read this the fear factor of incompetence overrode hospitals takeover on critical list. Four in ten voters favour abolishing state governments, seeing them as the least – effective level of government and increasingly looking to Federal Government to fix health and other problems. Fort Crumble had yet another outstanding week for leadership Blame game begins on F3 traffic chaos and Losing bidder won ferry contract. All part of The Emperor’s (Kevin Rudd) daily growing pains trouble Rudd in Big Australia.

Back to Mosman – our cutest and newest resident celebrated his one month birthday this week.

Happy Birthday “Pathi Harn” (Miracle) – The Emperor is praying for one too, because he knows that voters have memories like elephants!

Cheers ^__^

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4 Responses to “It’s official! Mosman is Australia’s number one real estate municipality.”

  • I love the clip of Mr Shuffles, living up to his initial name. Thanks for that one, Rob.

  • Ann says:

    I heard a quote on the TV this week after the F3 fiasco. “The State Government could not run a bath”. Both the Federal and State Government could not run a bath. The State wastes more cash on F3 investigations, metro, and now Gillard blows it investigating her bungled BER rort.

    Never before in the history of Australia has so much been wasted by so few.

  • Gordon says:

    We look aghast at Fort Crumbled with predictably the lowest rating in everything. Then as Plan A, we start to wish that Kev’s Kastle would take over the whole corrupt, rotten mess.

    Then we look at Kev’s Kastle. Sigh. Given the amount of our tax dollars that is being spent on moving the puppets in both places to create some semblance of activity, and given that many people seem to have very short memories, we realise that it may take a lot more than just Plan B to fix.

    Oh well, we can always watch the property market to take our minds off more sordid things.

  • Robbie Mac says:

    Never a benevolent dictator around when they’re needed!

    Although Mosman may have the solution – call in the Guv’nor – I am sure Marie Bashir would sort them all out in quick time. Sir Nick could tie up any remaining loose ends.

    Anyone got a better plan?

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