Is there a real Doctor in the house?

Is there a real Doctor in the house?

The only problem with writing a weekly blog in the present environment is finding a place to start, because of the constant bungling at both Fort Crumble (NSW Government) and Fort Fumble (Federal Government).

Let’s start with our consistently high performing Fort Crumble where dumping the Metro cost $500 million according to Premier Pristine (Kristina Keneally) “The CBD Metro was a nearly $5 billion project we wanted to be sure as a government it represented value for money.” So we have a $200 million compensation plan from builder Lend Lease and another $300 million had already been spent on the doomed rail wreck. Fort Crumble’s greatest tax payer debacle?

Premier Pristine had her defining plumage ruffled further when she was advised Rudd wants $80 million back as metro bill grows so the train wreck bill has apparently now climbed to $5.3 billion. The Infrastructure Australia money was among dozens of grants shelled out to projects across Australia. The submission by NSW was considered the worst of any of the states. Consequently, only money for scoping studies was handed out. A $5.3 billion tax payer Yes Minister – no brainer!

The Emperor (Kevin Rudd) then took time out from his Doctorate of Medicine studies and if his radical diagnosis proceeds, based on his elective political surgery for our ailing health systems, our States and Territories will need a second opinion. Reductions in Government Spending Tax (GST) appear to be thwarting The Emperor’s prognosis and the diagnosis is a referendum for Dr. Krudd. A bummer for The Emperor as his economic mind sadly lacks the “Midas Touch”.


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What a brilliant capture this is. It appears that everything in Australia is climbing. We asked Tim Mooney to make sure that everything was colour coordinated so he had to wait for an aqua car. Each and every business faces a climb back from the GFC and how appropriate is this picture. We have had a number of subscribers contacting us to purchase photos (see our Buy Print above).


Big Bazza O’Barrell launched his election slogan for next year’s NSW election One year out, O’Farrell picks election slogan “Make NSW Number 1 Again”. Fixing NSW’s economy is the management challenge of our time, wrote Jeff Kennett NSW should look south of the border for the way forward. Jeff Kennett said “I have been asked what I think is necessary and essential for NSW to start rebuilding. It is simple enough, in theory.”

“A new government must be elected, if for no other reason than to end – once and for all – the poisonous culture of self interest that exists among the majority who make up the current government.”

“The alternative government will, over the next 12 months complete (I assume they have well and truly started)– the work needed to immediately commence the reform programme, once in office.”

“This will require a once – in – a generation programme, similar to what we put in place over two terms in office in Victoria.”

A scathing review – “The cost of this entrenched period of failure to NSW and Australia has been monumental. Not only has NSW failed to keep abreast with the advances in thinking and technology, but all basic services that should be provided by government have deteriorated compared with those in other states.”

Charlie Aitken wrote in his Under the Southern Cross – “The political waters are clouded by secret agendas and the political landscape is generally a minefield of broken promises and policy failures. In addition, with a few exceptions, it often appears that the main aim of a politician is to gain re-election rather than pursue genuine political reform.”

The report identifies “Bad Policies” – so look at the failed Emissions Trading System, Pink Batts $2.400 billion debacle (which now requires another $200 million for stuff – up corrections) Fuel Watch and Grocery Watch, just to name a few. Throw in the now growing school halls bungled programme – which will gain greater momentum over time as Ray Hadley at 2GB keeps probing. Julia Gillard says schools building programme saved nation from recession and NSW scraps Hastings Public School project in back flip after critical audit of proposed COLA where a covered outdoor learning area would cost $954,000. A similar structure cost $78,000 back in 2003. Little wonder everything is blocked in the Senate. Government incompetence does resonate throughout the business community – which impacts economic sentiment, growth and confidence.

25-03-2010 10-52-43 AM

Bright economic outlook for Australia – Reserve Bank Assistant Governor Philip Lowe at the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) said underlying inflation had “moderated significantly” and was expected to decline from 3.25 per cent to 2.5 per cent during 2010. This means that interest rates will move back to normal levels so the 49 – year low of three per cent won’t (in our lifetime) be seen again. Get set for a bank gouging bonanza given Westpac chief warns of need to raise rates although GFC not over, says ANZ chief. Get set for a roller coaster ride in 2010.


Australia’s property bubble: it’s here” it’s official: 60 per cent of investors believe Australia has a property bubble. A confluence of housing shortages, low interest rates, speculative fervour and last year’s move by the Rudd Government to relax the rule of foreign ownership on real estate, has turbo – charged house prices.” I assume they are comparing the property markets to quarter 4 – 2008 although it should be noted that during the global financial crisis (GFC) it was speculated that half of Mosman houses were for sale (2,450) homes and it peaked at 195 homes. I did like this piece in the article “But as John Maynard Keynes famously said: “A market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.” So true – the Mosman market is presently skittish and we are seeing a dramatic increase of foreign buyers moving into our markets.

I have absolutely no idea why The Emperor decided to make the Australian property markets international over local? “The increase in foreign purchasers cannot be underestimated. This abolished mandatory reporting of such acquisitions in a bid to “enhance flexibility in the market”. Absolute rubbish and bulls&%#!

Richardson & Wrench Mosman & Neutral Bay (RWM) are proud to offer “Glen Osmond” to the market place – C 1901 an iconic Mosman home set on a grand estate – “Glen Osmond“.

Is the lifting of foreign ownership a sound decision? We look forward to reading your thoughts on our blog. I tag the politicians so Media Monitors pass on to them, all the comments on our blog.

Our Australian population hit 22,000,000 this week according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) – so what does that do to this supposed bubble?

Cheers, ^__^

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20 Responses to “Is there a real Doctor in the house?”

  • Great picture! Love your work, Tim.

  • Ann says:

    Thanks Rob, you would need a daily VRN to keep up with the waste and mismanagement at State and Federal level. The trouble we have is that the candidates that stand for election maybe good powerbrokers, factional leaders, grass roots players, but more often of not terrible at running Government, Departments or overseeing projects. Look at the deposed Rock Star and the insulation scandal, the whole front bench at NSW Government, etc. The Federal Government “throw a truckload of cash at the fan” may buy votes with the naive and may win then another election, but what happens after that? We all pay for it for years if not decades and have little to show for it.

  • Robbie Mac says:

    Is it possible to have a “property bubble” and a shortage of housing at the same time? If it is a “bubble”, then surely we have enough housing? If it’s not a bubble, then we need to build more housing? The contradictory press could leave one’s head spinning. The former seems to be more driven by emotion rather than facts, which therefore, assuming they can’t happen simultaneously, means we have a shortage of homes. In which case, yields for investors, logically, should be rising, and therefore there will be increased investment in the sector. JMK’s pithy line above might explain why that isn’t quite working!

    As for Fatty O’Barrell – I trust he read, and digested (a core competency of his?) JK’s remarks. Even taking state based egos into account, JK’s piece made a lot of sense, and should be a major wake-up call to FO’B. Should he lose this election, he will go down in history, for all the wrong reasons. Let’s hope he truly is prepared.

    Our local school, Middle Harbour PS, has in theory been provided with a $3m building grant. Work was meant to start towards the end of last year, then during the holidays, then first term. First term ends next week, and still nary a tradie in sight. The main part of the GFC “blip” has now passed by, and construction is yet to begin. Another well executed plan from our fearless leaders……

  • Robbie – that is simply amazing about Middle Harbour Public School. Makes one wonder just how many other schools are in the very same position. Of course it will be difficult to ascertain given the schools have been conveniently silenced – so much for freedom of speech!

  • I am always blown away by Tim’s awesome photography. This one is spectacular. Thanks for sharing his creative view on your page.

  • Ann says:

    I went to Middle Harbour Public School in the 1960’s and had kids there in the 1990’s. Gee long time ago. Besides the demountables stuck in the playground in the last year or two, the extension to the playground through to Hale Road in the 1970’s. NOTHING has changed. The main building is 94 years old.

    They still have the brick shelter on the front fence where the milkman placed the milk bottles that we all got for morning tea, thats unless the birds pecked through the metal caps first. That brick shelter has been nothing other than a spiders haunt for the last 40 years.

    What a joke that successive governments have failed that school. It cant be in a marginal electorate. I bet the now famous speed camera (aka ex Justice whatever his name was) out the front has more revenue in one year that the school has in capital works in 60 years.

    I was in the school hall a few years ago. NOTHING has changed since I was in there in 1969 watching the moon landing, except perhaps a coat of paint and the replaced moth eaten curtains.

  • Tasweek says:

    About the Australian real estate market I would say that there is no bubble. Whenever there is a bubble in the real estate market the major real estate agents and brokers back off from making important real estate transactions (especially from purchasing). But recently the two giants NAI Global and Harcourts Group have planned to work together in the real estate market of New Zealand and Australia. They might have spotted something interesting in the Australian real estate market that is why they have taken this step. So, in my view Australian real estate market is not having any bubble.

  • Great edition this week Robert. I went to Lane Cove Public School and recently visited – not much as changed there either … Looking forward to next week’s VRN.

  • Patricia says:

    Robert, some comments (yours and Robbie Mac’s excepted) about two public schools reveal that the schools failed in their duty to teach the basics of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and proofreading. Not much ‘bang’ for that government education expenditure, either!

  • TMW says:

    Is there a doctor in the house ?

    Good morning Robert

    Yes Dr Billy Roberts .

    Just ask me Robert and you are always assured of a very insightful reply !

    Enjoy your Sunday. A BIG day at the auctions yesterday .

    Cheers as always


  • Ann says:

    Sorry Patricia.

    By the way in your post, there is no comma before the ‘and’ on line 3!!

    Have a good week

  • Patricia says:

    Ann, a serial comma is placed before the conjunction that precedes the final item in a series of three or more. My punctuation is correct. You may wish to seach the Web for guidance.

    Hope you achieve a better outcome selling the lubricant this week than proofreading your and others’ comments.

  • I had six memorable years at Middle Harbour Public School and a shame that it has been allowed to deteriorate however, political deterioration appears to be alive and well in Australian politics.

    I agree that 20 per cent of speed camera revenues should be allocated to that respective school – given that it is better for 25 per cent to be reasonably allocated and the other 75 per cent completely wasted as against 100 per cent being wasted.

    And the school motto at Middle Harbour Public School was (not sure if still is) – To thine own self be true 🙂

  • Robbie Mac says:

    Coincidentally, the first sign of site works started today, so the kids, teachers and families are in for a disrupted year or so. If the end result is the removal of the demountables, more playground space and better equipped and safer classrooms, then the dislocation will be worth it.

    MHPS is however blessed with a wonderful school community with lots of spirit. A respected Principal, dedicated staff and a very supportive and diligent P&C all mean that the very obvious shortcomings in funding from the government are largely addressed. It would probably be fair to say that this supporting community is one of the less poor throughout NSW, so how other schools who don’t have the luxury of this sort of support can cope with the long term underfunding of our public education is a question which should be asked at length during the coming state election campaign. The evidence seems to be widespread – I too went back to my old school not so long ago, and was appalled at the state of the infrastructure. Again, held together by the school community in spite of the government’s underfunding, not because of it. Without being too dramatic, if this small sample size is indicative of the malaise throughout the state system, then those schools that for whatever reason are unable to compensate for the underfunding can’t possibly provide their students with the opportunity they deserve, an opportunity which should be a right in a developed country with the wealth of Australia. Sadly, no votes in it, and there may not be until it is too late, but plenty of material for several weeks of blogs!

    By the way, the school motto is unchanged.

  • Thanks Robbie – Julia Gillard must have read last week’s edition of Virtual Realty News, and decided that it would not be in her best interests to cop the wrath from our fiesty subscribers 🙂

  • Ann says:

    Hi Patricia,

    Sorry for the delay in responding. I think I have worked out the issue. You may have been educated in a school under the USA’s education system, rather than the British system.

    Note 4: There is some controversy over use of something called the serial or Oxford comma which is the last comma in this example: The colours in the Union Jack flag are red, white, and blue. Generally the serial comma is not used in Britain where it is regarded as unnecessary, but it is commonly used in the United States where it is thought helpful. My preference is to use a listing comma before ‘and’ or ‘or’ only when it is necessary to make the meaning clear.

    The meaning in your weekend post was clear to me. So lets call it a draw. We were definately taught not to use it before an ‘and’.

    To you other point, thank you Astroglide has had a sensational 2010, with February being our biggest month on record and it was a short month. We had a container arrive early this month and another arrives over Easter.

    Robbie, glad the school works have started. Perhaps the will find the odd banana under the building near the manhole. I confess to tossing the odd one in there when I could not face it during morning tea. They use to stink your suitcase (remember those!!) if you took them home, only to be made to eat it after school.

    Be happy all posters, life is short.

  • Patricia says:

    Ann, pleased you recognise that ‘Virtual Reality News’ is an international publication serving a global audience comprised of many whose education and professional exposure extended beyond the fences of Middle Harbour Public School!

    Your research may have revealed that the ‘serial comma’ is known as the ‘Oxford comma’ as it is used by the editors of the Oxford University Press which (as you may know) is British, not American.

    I am retiring this matter, full stop.

  • Robbie Mac says:

    Is Ross Gittins a subscriber, or at the very least, a reader? His article today is quite prescient, given our education discussions above. See for yourselves:

    Let us hope this is the start of a true fix to what is clearly becoming a much larger problem.

  • Robbie,

    Thanks for this – I checked and Ross is not a subscriber although we have plenty of his colleagues at Fairfax Media that are. As it turns out this very topic is covered in tomorrows edition which comes out tomorrow due to Easter.

    Tim Mooney has another sensational shot (as to be expected) 🙂

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