Is the pulse beating faster?

Is the pulse beating faster?


The last few weeks (months actually) have been lacklustre to say the least. While sales in the unit market have been strong, with most units between $500k and $800k selling in a week if sensibly priced, the top end of town has struggled, as you all know.

But wait … a bleep on the screen, then another and another … all in a week. Yes, we are starting to see some aggressive buyers getting back into the market.

With a good sale in Burrawong Avenue last week, coupled with one in Burran Ave and another in the middle of Balmoral underway  (the 3 sales ranging between $4m and $8m ), it seems the local Mosman agents have some traction, with the smart money moving in when all seemed quiet on the Western Front.

The Spit


As my first boss in real estate 30 years ago told me, the smart money buys in gloom and sells in bloom.  One just has to have the nerve to be the first amongst one’s peers … who all seem to be experts in property.

Robert managed to sell 2 properties between $2m and $3m from his deck chair in Thailand (we might pay him to stay there and work), so it could be game on after the election.

This week we launched a fabulous home at 22 Richmond Avenue, Cremorne and the response to the ads has been fantastic. We might be in for a busy weekend!

The Australian quoted economist, Craig James, this week saying, “It is a case of mission accomplished for now for the RBA”, who said the economy was growing strongly.

We are not going to get carried away with all the ‘talk’.  We know a lot of people are doing it tough in their businesses and caution will remain a common theme.  However, like all business people, we like to see light at the end of the tunnel. Now Robert would jump in here and say the NSW Government is inept and doesn’t know how to build tunnels, but luckily this tunnel is built on statistics and confidence, not steel and concrete.

Stay tuned as the election looms. We hope to see you out and about.  Robert will return next week to liven things up. He loves election time!



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