Into Spring!

Into Spring!

As the property market waltzes out of winter, it was a most memorable quarter given that sales volume for units and houses was the highest since the September quarter last year. Quite an amazing statistic! We are now entering our strongest quarter statistically. By all accounts we can expect a Spring fever, although all the evidence before us is still very much circumstantial. Whilst nobody could disagree that the overall numbers at open for inspections have diminished as compared to previous months, this is not necessarily cause for immediate concern. What we are finding is that the people who attend an open are actually genuine buyers, which in turn allows the agents a greater opportunity for buyer identification. Many will agree that as each year passes, agents are interacting less with purchasers face to face, as our industry moves into what many people prefer, the privacy of e-property. Once upon a time an agent would telephone a purchaser when a suitable home was listed. Today the prospective buyer receives an e-mail alert.

Virtual inspections of homes are now increasing whereby it could be argued that purchasers prefer to inspect by stealth, as against the previous more open relationships. Here is an excellent example, 20 Morella Road, Clifton Gardens, appeared for the first time last Saturday, in The Sydney Morning Herald, contracts were exchanged at 9.30 am that morning. During the course of the week there were 195 Internet page views for that property of which one just so happened to be the actual buyer. Now if the property had been opened for inspection, current figures suggest that ten couples would inspect, although in the week preceeding, nearly twenty times that figure had a virtual inspection. It was a great milestone when the Internet side of our business broke the $100,000,000 mark in property sales. We have just celebrated the second birthday of ‘Virtual Realty News’, which explains why we are ahead of fellow agents, as we lead the way in this Internet development. I can assure you that this is just the beginning. Currently we have a team of five working on new software programmes that will take our industry to a level that it has never seen before. Given that we will own all the intellectual property, this new service will be exclusive to our thousands of subscribers. When it comes to technology, Richardson & Wrench Mosman puts its money where its mouth is!!

Not a week goes by where Marize does not weave her magical wand on the unit market. Here is another great story. We had listed an older style unit on Wolseley Road, Mosman and after the first two weeks nothing had happened, so I thought the price needed to be reduced from the $545,000 asking price. I telephoned the owner to suggest a reduction in price, however I was not able to speak with him as he is a busy barrister, so without his instructions (for obvious reasons) we went to the market again at the same price. On Monday this week we had three buyers on the property at the asking price, and after skillful negotiation, contracts were exchanged at $560,000. Who said the investment market for units in Mosman was suffering? As I have said for ages, our choice is to lead the market, not to blame it! Straight after this sale Marize received the following e-mail from another happy purchaser. Thanks Marize!

“I would like to let you know, and please pass this on to your manager, that you are the loveliest real estate agent I have ever had the pleasure to deal with.

My husband & I had some very unfortunate experiences with other agents before meeting you, one in particular was very unethical and difficult to get straight answers from, resulting in us losing a place to someone else the day we were meant to exchange.

From our first meeting you have been friendly, helpful, honest and professional – thank you for making buying our first home such a wonderful experience.”

The above would explain why Marize sells more units than any other agent in the area.

So, we look forward to the Spring market as our early successes allow us to offer some fantastic properties over the next six weeks. I am sure of one thing however, no matter how many people attend the opens, the number of Internet visitors will far exceed those numbers. Today, real estate is a much bigger picture, it certainly helps when you know what you are looking for… cheers, and clink… ^__^

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