As our usual resident writer is on a management course in Sunny Queensland, the reigns have been handed over to me to fill you in on the last week’s activities. So please understand that the usual zip and cut and thrust of the great Roberto will return next week.

So, I’ll talk of local issues only – not the big picture.

For those interested, the local market has remained strong. Our fabulous home at 71 Wyong Road sold the first week on the market for a fantastic price. This proves that homes that have it all i.e. views, quality, level land, and practical floor plans, really do pull top dollar. Elsewhere (No. 7 St Elmo) sold prior to auction. It has approved plans for a big renovation, views, large level land and in a quiet street, also keenly sought after features. Well done to both owners for great results.

There seem to be more big homes on the market over the $4M plus, than I have seen for a long time. Some see this as the first sign of softening in the market i.e. the big end of town cashing up before the “fall”.

However the owners I know from this group are all selling for various reasons, none I know of are doing it as a precaution any more. Many are trading up!

The most frequently asked question we get is, “when is the market going to fall?”. Well, how do we know? People sold before the Olympics because all believed the market would crash. Those buyers have now missed out altogether and have basically left the area to buy back in.

We as agents are paid to get top prices, paid to be positive and have a great belief in the products we sell, so we are usually the last to see it coming anyway!

Most agents in the late 80’s who also became developers, went “broke” because they didn’t see it coming – they had two hats on as developers and agents. The only way to be successful at either, is to concentrate on one only.

Investment units are still going strong and “Marize, the unit guru”, exchanged three more this week. All at great prices. The smart money still invests in real estate but no doubt our stock-broking friends will be ringing us soon with tempting offers. Soon we’ll see who has the long memories.

So while Robert, our resident writer suns himself at Versace Palazo under the guise of a management seminar (4 days at ten hours a day – ha ha!), the team at R & W have been flat out keeping their heads down and tails up. On the home front a big well done to our own Lynn Forrester (Marketing Division) who I believe produced the best double page advertisement and brochure on 71 Wyong Road, that I have seen this year. The amount of positive feedback from the viewing public has been enormous.

The Governor of Moolah, Bob Carr and many other Government officials are all no doubt relaxed that Rob is away and not beating their drums, or ruffling their feathers. There is no truth to the rumour that Wayne Bennett has called Rob up into camp to get the Broncos back on the winning trail. However, watch our for Queensland rugby league players buying investments in Mosman, if he is!! Hmm those new white shoes he’s no doubt buying while up there, should look good with his new mustard suit!! Stay tuned and wear your sunglasses to the next open, if he’s there!

As Spring and soon summer approach, we’ll see you down at Balmoral, Clifton Gardens and Chinamans Beach, (3 of our many local jewels) walking the dogs, playing with the kids and admiring the local real estate that is constantly changing.

Rob will be back next week. Good hunting and thanks for reading a little lighter column this week.

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