If I was Premier of NSW – I would….

If I was Premier of NSW – I would….

First of all read the following transcripts which clearly identify why our presiding Government, Fort Crumble, is not only up the proverbial creek without a paddle, but in five months time, will finally be laid to rest. Never before in the rich political history of NSW, have so many elected sitting members opted to stand down (thus far) prior to an election. No new stars can shine in ALP’s black hole summed it up pretty well – “It will be fascinating to see how NSW Labor rebuilds itself after the election. One thing is certain, though, anyone lining up as a star recruit this time around needs a mental health check.”

Transcript number one: ABC News Stateline New South Wales when Quentin Dempster interviewed former Head of the Premier’s Department, Gerry Gleeson who spoke out against the NSW Government saying public confidence is gone, access and influence are being peddled through political donations and incompetence is apparent – Gleeson criticises NSW Government. Without a doubt one of the most insightful interviews pertaining to the inner workings and failures that continue to plague Fort Crumble – no prisoners taken.

Transcript number two: Gerry Gleeson addressing the Institute Of Public Administration Australia – NSW Spann Oration 2010 – If I was Premier of NSW in 2011.

In his interview with Quentin Dempster on the Epping to Parramatta railway Gerry Gleeson said “Well look I think when the Prime Minister Gillard when she announced the Epping to Parramatta railway line the audience laughed. Now there can be nothing worse for a minister or a prime minister for derision like that, because that audience had heard this so often before, and that’s what, it’s this continual changing of plans. Bob Carr had promised a railway line to the north west sector, it is the top of state priorities, yet here we have a federal, the Prime Minister of the country announcing, what after 24 hours notice to the New South Wales Government that, I’m going to build this railway line, I’m going to give you the money for this railway line.”

In his NSW Spann Oration, Mr. Gleeson said “The Yes Minister television series was close to capturing the culture of the times; a culture that is not entirely buried. The failure of Ministers to give any rational reason for the Metro to Rozelle reminds me of Sir Humphrey Appleby saying “in the great restaurant of government, civil servants are the cooks and politicians are the waiters. We prepare all the dishes and they serve them up to the customers.”



Having read Mr. Gleeson’s interviews, we sent Australia’s finest aerial photographer, Tim Mooney, to capture Barangaroo given former foreshore authority head takes a shot at Keating. Of greater concern is the new management as Premier lashes lord mayor over Barangaroo.

Coincidentally, this week I received this PDF – Time To Go FINAL Another must read as the theme continues.

11-10-2010 7-00-07 PM

Under Labor, NSW has grown slower than any other Australian state or territory. GSP is Gross State Product and since June 1995, Queensland and Western Australia have recorded GSP growth of 90 per cent and 80 per cent respectively. NSW has recorded 46 per cent growth and if NSW had managed to match Victoria’s growth of 65 per cent, our economy would now be $50 billion larger, equivalent to the turnover of BHP. That additional economic growth would have meant another $2.4 billion in state tax revenues this year.

11-10-2010 8-28-20 PM

NSW debt has climbed from $15 billion in 2003 to a projected $55 billion by 2014. This explains why infrastructure is on hold despite a surging population growth. The reason why? A spokesperson for Infrastructure Australia revealed one of the reasons NSW missed out on Federal funding was the inadequacy of the State Labor Government’s submission. The spokesperson indicated there was a lack of detail on the benefits and costing for the State’s key projects, saying, “There’s a lack of integrated planning in the NSW submission.” So here is the funding graph for the States and Territories that could fill out a form intelligently.

13-10-2010 8-48-47 PM

A horrific graph that would leave even Sir Humphrey Appleby lost for words. NSW is the largest contributor to GST payments. Even taking into account the incompetence of Fort Crumble, surely Fort Fumble would recognise that NSW deserves a greater apportionment of funds – Victoria won’t overtake NSW: Keneally. When you look at Infrastructure Australia’s funding allocations, Victoria is a work in progress model and NSW has completely stalled. Developers warn homes too big to build on time is another classic example where NSW has a massive crisis in housing availability. Australian Bureau of Statistics data revealed Sydney dwelling construction continues to slide with just 14,400 houses built in the year to June last year.

Aaron Gadiel, chief executive of Urban Taskforce, said that at June 2010, data showed just 13,400 of the 21,000 new Sydney houses that the state government had predicted. The Metropolitan Development Program report released by the premier, Kristina Keneally, in April said Sydney housing construction rates were “well placed to re – bound strongly” and forecast to exceed 27,000 houses by 2012. Mr Gadiel said the new data “has blown the government’s predictions out of the water”. “The government’s own experts have found that targets for an extra 25,000 homes or more,will not be achieved without major policy changes by government”.

Matthew Quinn, the managing director of Stockland, told the Urban Development Institute conference this week that Australia had a shortage of 200,000 houses that would grow to 800,000 by 2020 and 1.4 million a decade later, unless major policy changes were implemented.

loans-200x0I have never been a supporter of First Home Buyer Grants which (previously) I declared was like throwing lollies onto a highway without supervision. So, little surprise to see first – home buyers loans share shrinks to six year low as outer suburbs struggle most with mortgages. NSW has 44 per cent of the nation’s mortgage delinquencies which comes as no surprise when one looks at this article that appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald on April 27, 2009 first – homes rush creates boom suburbs in west. The boom generated by the Federal Government’s decision to dramatically increase first – home – buyer grants has been confined to Sydney’s west, NSW Government figures reveal. They show first home buyers in the inner city, lower North Shore and eastern suburbs have failed to cash in on the grants. The artificial government stimulation of the western Sydney markets will see a crash ‘n burn outcome as interest rates rise.

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