How now, brown cow?

How now, brown cow?

Try telling that to Fort Crumble who are in a desperate wait for all the cows to come home where the fields are alive with the sound of Independents. The rural revolution is coming thanks to Election 2010 which now resembles a classic case of “foot and mouth” disease, prompting post – election behaviour that could even suggest the arrival of “mad cow” disease on Australian shores. The classic symptoms were noticeable well before Australia was herded to the polls last Saturday – erratic behaviour, aggressive demeanour, disorientated memory and agitated herd mentality. The paddocks now require new fences and boundaries – hay hay, Australia has been hung out to dry.

The post electoral shin dig over at the back paddock had to be cancelled, due to a lack of support which sparked headline act Midnight Soil to go batty as they were coming out of retirement after agreeing to make a one–off election appearance.

Like a bull at a gate, the Mad Monk waved his red robe Abbott attacks Labor’s ‘civil war’ and the mantra could he heard all over the paddock reject Labor: voters’ message to independent MP’s as the hollow men led Labor to disaster. Then the head heifer corralled one of her baby bulls when PM bans powerbroker Arbib from appearing on Q&A. Such was the Labor of Love given the odds shorten on next Labor leader where it keeps getting worse as Gillard in big trouble no what happens given we have a tortuous road to government.



Back at the barn, even the cats showed their respective claws as the meows fast turned into a hissy fit McKew a ‘Labor hero’: Keneally then axing Rudd a strategic blunder:McKew. Then Rudd’s fault for dismal result, says Keneally although the alley cats were purring at a sneak preview of a Keneally bloodbath when the cool cats over in NSW go to the polls next March. NSW Labor headed for wipe out which brought about a familiar change after Julia … it’s the real Kristina.

Over in the northern paddock, more cats were hysterically meowing (as against dogs barking) where there was plenty of crying over spilt milk. I won’t suffer Rudd’s fate, says Bligh then Keneally lashed out at Bligh’s ‘NSW disease’ jibe. The 2010 Federal Election today resembles Old MacDonald’s farm although at this point we don’t envisage that the war will be enough to see our soldiers brought back home to restore order given disparities in voters’ priorities are even more stark now. Plenty of cries to cut the crap as electorates keep asking where is the vision? Now we have fighting on two fronts Labor war hurting bid for power and now Coalition begins its own civil war.

26-08-2010 2-20-08 PM

What spring promises for the market as sales sizzle, auctions cool although for the time being our property markets wrestles with election uncertainty. Australia this time around won’t be paying that much attention to what is happening in America given Obama running out of time to fix economy. This was not helped when this week it was revealed that US existing home sales dive to 15 – year low which is otherwise known as tumbling houses. Quite the opposite here in Australia given the latest HIA – CBA Housing Affordability Report identifies that more than ever before our property markets are out of reach. We are seeing some areas where prices are dropping then on the other side of the coin the prices are now increasing. Household debt in Australia has risen dramatically over the past three decades, but the number of home repossessions in Victoria and NSW is on the decline because we are keeping up the payments.

Last week we brought you the Dyson Austen Top 10 Prestige Residential Survey for January – March 2010 so this week we continue with the April – June 2010 results.

26-08-2010 3-36-48 PM

Interesting to note that the Eastern Suburbs recorded eight of the sales and Mosman posted two sales with RWM recording one of these two transactions. There are two interesting conclusions that can be observed from this data. Firstly, the top–end sales appear to be rebounding with suggestions that the upcoming Spring/Summer markets may see increased competition for these trophy homes. This was always going to happen – just that nobody really knew when.

24-08-2010 2-30-00 PM

Secondly, we have a new record since the global financial crisis (GFC).

24-08-2010 2-33-27 PM

The Dyson Austen Report, Simon Feilich acknowledged “if we look at this result (above) and the highest transaction ever achieved in the survey history ($45 million – Q3 2008) both sales occurred at a time when the $AU/US has just been devalued by 12% and almost 10% respectively.”

“NOTE: The jumbo prestige residential market is directly linked to the performance of the equity market, with the only other main external factor being the $AU/US rate as seen in Q3 2008 and the latest released Q2 2010.”

Since the election debacle the $A has started to fall again, due largely to the uncertainties ahead. It appears the nobody can form a government and even if they do, it will be a s#*& fight with all the internal bickering.

So I predict we will all be headed back to the polls in October.

Cheers ^__^

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