Home grown pains – with our dysfunctional political parents!

Home grown pains – with our dysfunctional political parents!

Go to your room! Our political parents have spoken and you are no longer permitted to talk to the now unsecured banks that hold and administer your pocket money. Your financial lifeline has now been frozen until further notice due to a financial meltdown. So spare a moment to consider what they will do with Climate Control! One school of thought is that Kevin Rudd and Wayne Swan have collectively created their very own version of the financial Ice Age. Ah, our very own financial conservatives where Treasury is the new Fort Fumble, not to be confused with Fort Tumble.

Freeze Frame. In the Senate standing committee that met this week for a “Please explain?”, Barnaby Joyce attacked Fort Fumble with his six guns, not to be confused with six pack. Straight from the hip he fired a question at Treasury guru Ken Henry which then ricocheted to David Gruen (obviously the smoking gun). “Had Treasury done any modelling on the Government’s $10.4 billion rescue spending (spree) package?”

The answer was a simple ‘no’, which prompted Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan, to advise those with no access to their money to attend Centrelink – obviously Wayne is now our missing link. Joyce went on to say “My wife runs a kindergarten, it’s better than that lot”. One can only assume he was referring to Fort Fumble.

There we go, half of the surplus gone and with no business model in place, our concerns over OPM (Other People’s Money) are met with an icy response.

Alan Kohler had his nail gun ready at hand on www.businessspectator.com.au when he wrote about our modern day Ice Age. Could this be the nail in the coffin of Fort Fumble?

Fire one. “The Rudd government has made a terrible, almost unbelievable mistake by guaranteeing some savings for free. Fire two.- “Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Treasurer Wayne Swan don’t seem to understand what is happening or what they have done.” Fire three. “Unless they go down in history as bumbling fools who wrecked the Australian economy, they must instantly, this morning, put a universal price on the deposit guarantee that was announced on October 12.” This is Vintage Kohler! The nail gun left more than splinters when the Federal government capitulated. Fort Fumble’s stand up comedy version of icing your cake or, should that be scrambling your nest eggs!

Fort Fumble was then left trying to unscramble its eggs when it (wait for it) accidentally had an email moment – don’t you hate that. Wayne Swan’s office (in the process of moving from Windows 95) accidentally sent out an email detailing the questions to be asked in Question Time – shock horror. In Canberra we now have email for comment where at Fort Fumble the motto is: Hear no evil, speak no evil and email no evil unless you are privy to Wayne’s online Outlook. Fort Fumble is in great hands and it was revealed this week that Question Time in parliament is Outlook “confused”.

On a lighter note let’s get back to what drives the economy, our property market which most interestingly, is experiencing a strong surge of expat enquiries. The Mosman market is most fortunate and attracts an international audience. The South Pacific Peso better known as the Australian dollar, is enticing more than a few, who are flying in to inspect our properties this weekend.

Online enquiries play an integral part for all real estate agencies whatever the property demographic and a close look at our information highway reveals an amazing number of overseas enquiries. This is no great surprise when you take into consideration the drop in the South Pacific peso combined with home value adjustments (the savings are approximately fifty per cent). Today’s purchasers prefer to communicate via email, a sign of the times which identifies the importance of having a strong online platform.

This is our last edition under the current format and next week, we will release a website full of the latest online innovations – an industry first. We have moved our online platform to a RWM – media outlet where we will release online applications that have never been seen in our residential property market. Walk Score is brilliant technology and you will see it change for every property on our website

We believe that RWM is the very first Australian real estate agency (or property portal for that matter) to roll out this application and it’s fantastic for our expats.

It’s an online model that was twelve months in the planning combined with the most expensive schedule of finish in terms of agent individual websites. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Peter Ricci and his very talented team at www.agentpoint.com.au who not only understood my different online mind, but then exceeded my expectations. Our new media platform offers the largest homepage ever seen, full of property data and individual property pages and the photo galleries are a kaleidoscope of colour and information.

One online industry expert who reviewed our new website described it as a Website (or should that have been Weapon?) of Mass Destruction for our competition. We are happy to let you the consumers, be the judge on this.

The market has started late this year given the obvious distractions and next week, we will release more homes. Our Mosman prestige home release – Burran Avenue, Glencarron Avenue, Union Street, Moruben Road, Calypso Avenue, Middle Head Road, Bradleys Head Road, Tivoli Street and more.

“Virtual Realty News” has been has been arriving weekly at in boxes for nine years now. Tag every edition (Google approved of course and we have tagged some 15,000 pages) – then hit > send to the Google search engine and every Mosman, Cremorne and Neutral Bay property search engine result will have the RWM business as the leading point of contact. The online battle gets more interesting each week and this is highlighted by the recent changes to our economic climate.As they say “timing is everything” so next week RWM will be starting its engines! Cheers ^__^

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