Hold the Fort!  As Fort Fumble & Fort Tumble are under economic attack!

Hold the Fort! As Fort Fumble & Fort Tumble are under economic attack!

Let’s not sugarcoat the economy, we are under attack and we urgently need a plan. The NSW Government (Fort Tumble) has eroded and corroded and (Fort Fumble) the Federal Government is watering its already gilded lily. A strong possibility is that its gardens will quickly resemble a wilting economy after Fort Tumble delivered its pathetic mini budget.

A “Congestion Tax”! Our Premier Nathan Rees, who does not hold a drivers licence is now riding on a broken “dinky” and the wheels have all but fallen off. There is no congestion on the Harbour Bridge at 6.30 am, just a tax! By pulling up the economic drawbridge for infrastructure, Fort Tumble with its ‘tools down’ philosophy will destroy what is left of our economy. Infrastructure is the oxygen needed to resurrect it – building for the future of NSW is obviously no longer a priority at our Macquarie Street based Fort Tumble.

Fort Fumble’s petrol watch scheme (another no brainer) was defeated in the Senate this week. So why not introduce a Consumption Tax on the oil companies. When the price of oil falls, an additional tax is applied until correct market pricing for consumers is addressed.

With the benefit of hindsight nobody would vote again for GST which is nothing more than a rip – off at the expense of the taxpaying Australian community. If Fort Tumble wants to deliver a budget surplus before the next election, its only option is to sell off state owned assets. A comparison would be a real estate agency selling ten property managements a month to stave off bankruptcy! The notable difference is that the real estate agency actually owns the asset and Fort Tumble manages the assets on our behalf.

Over to Fort Fumble’s secret intelligence and its constant reminders of the “Global Economic Crisis (GEC)” overseas while ignoring the implementation of a stimulus to invigorate our very own economy. Unfortunately it appears that collectively, politicians have lost the ability to lead by example. GEC for Fort Fumble should read Get Economically Creative!

A fortress with a leaking mote to water the lilies, was highlighted this week when Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan could not remember the key economic forecast for inflation. He said that he had misplaced one of his papers!! No longer a black Swan now a red Swan as the surplus heads to deficit. ‘But these things happen in politics’, was the response. The most important thing is to get on (wonders when he is going to start) with the job, putting in place policies to strengthen the economy and protect the Australian people.”

Stop thinking (blaming) the GEC and start thinking about domestic growth as recovery starts at home not abroad. Our chief executioners Kevin Rudd and Wayne Swan are missing in action as they struggle to understand what GEC actually means or – better still implementing a strategy for recovery. The significant difference is that businesses have their eyes glued to their respective dashboards with a foot on the brake.

Fort Fumble and Fort Tumble also suffer from economic amnesia and forget that the property industry (the largest employer) is the largest stimulant to the Australian economy.

One does not have to be Einstein to acknowledge that every business is struggling. Because the “anointed” few have never before run a business, we now have debutantes at the command posts of our Forts.

Look at Fort Tumble. The anointed have either been sacked, incarcerated or resigned (to failure) and our once proud Fort is now on the verge of mortgagee-in-possession (MIP). With every MIP sale of property when the banks take possession, GST is paid to Fort Fumble. A $3,000,000 sale delivers a $300,000 cash bonanza to Fort Fumble.

Australian housing finance commitments for owner – occupied housing fell 2.7 per cent in September which equates to eight consecutive months of declines. Less jobs and less activity so get the GST out of the building industry and reinvigorate this peak industry performer. There is no dashboard at Fort Fumble and Fort Tumble where economically, they believe they are super (government) markets with an overwhelming abundance of check – outs that feed its respective cash cows. The Australian taxpayer rip – offs must cease and if we have GST, all state governments must comply by reducing and removing taxes, not consistently increasing them.

There was the Great Train Robbery and then the Great Government Robbery – where did all the NSW taxpayer contributions go? Fort Tumble should be lending money to The Reserve Bank of Australia!
GST – in the current “Global Economic Crisis” demands “Get Economically Creative”. By removing GST on new building construction, Fort Fumble would then be investing in our future. Our economic dashboard needs inclines not consecutive declines. Yes, in all probability Australia is in a recession and financial creativity and initiative will get us back to normality much faster than our elected and procrastinating Fort Fumble would have you believe.

Our online model continues to exceed expectations when this week we reached $806,794,000 in online sales. We are closing in on $1 billion in property subscriber sales where our online platform is the most advanced (and expensive) ever before presented to our online community. In the last week or two we have noticed a dramatic increase in enquiries and we predict that over the next six weeks we will see some strong sales evidence which has certainly been assisted by expat participation.

A snapshot where in twelve months time the cash rate will be 3.25 per cent – the lowest ever recorded.

Have your say – post a comment as with this blog we obviously don’t hold back. Neither should you. Is GST delivering the financial solutions we were led to believe? With the benefit of hindsight would you now vote a Yes or a No for GST?

Jeff Kennett wants to turn our State of Decay back to the State of Hooray! Is he the man to do it?
We would love to hear your thoughts as Virtual Realty News is your online Mosman voice.

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7 Responses to “Hold the Fort! As Fort Fumble & Fort Tumble are under economic attack!”

  • Tim Mooney says:

    GST: Certainly as a small biz operator the GST system is a snack. We can all work out 10%. With cyclic markets one’s cash flow has to be monitored well as a good quarter performance does not necessarily mean the next one will be due to the cycles … especially with property aerial photography.
    And why doesn’t Capt Tumble have a driver’s lic.? Was he 10% over a limit?
    Tim Mooney

  • Reese doesn’t have licence because he is a nob just like bob carr.
    I suspect he doesn’t have any kids either just like I would guess tripodi , dela bosca, meagher and any other number of them are the same.
    They are completely disconnected from the real world

  • Geoff Michels says:

    As a matter of principle, I agree with a tax on consumption if it reduces the tax on effort (tax on wages). GST is a growth tax and doesn’t have to be meddled with but, in my opinion, it should apply to ALL consumption with no exceptions including food. Those who need help can get it via the tax system or through some kind of rebate.
    The real issue here is that in NSW, they dudded us because they just haven’t removed the taxes that GST was meant to replace.
    On another matter. Although I hardly ever drive across the bridge, I’m steamed up over the blatant discrimination of this govt where the north shore is concerned. That kind of “we’ll toll the bridge” but “not the west or south-west” is divisive as can be seen by the blog postings on the SMH where some Labor voters really think this kind of approach is OK. It perpetuates the stupid class war of which Labor seems so fond and it’s destructive of harmony.
    Real fear? When O’Farrell wins he also ignores the North shore because he can.
    Advice: give the govt no more money than you used to. Don’t drive over the bridge on say two or three days a week. Do what they did with respect to the cross city tunnel. It’ll soon revert if funds flow diminishes. I’ve ranted enough.

  • Mark McCabe says:

    The only option left given that the NSW Govt has some years to run is to do what 3rd world countries do- literally take over the parliament and drive them out of office. These morons have, with absolute arrogance, smugness and ignorance, driven NSW and therefore, most of this country into recession, only compounding what degredation has occurred due to the global crisis. This takes hard work. Rather than collectively whine, why dont we organise mass civil disobedience – hit them where it really hurts. Dont pay fines, dont pay land tax, etc. But this needs to be organised.

    Make no mistake, property prices here (Mosman) have a long way to go down. If I could sell a futures market on Mosman property, I would already have built a huge short position. The paradox of low interest rates is that no one has the money to buy. Fact. Look at Japan. We are headed down a similar path if we dont for a start, kick these xxxholes out and do it now.

  • Gordon Frend says:

    Hmmm, it’s said the definition of a good tax is one paid by someone else. More seriously, the problem isn’t the GST as such, it’s the way the xxxxholes waste it (thanks for that, Mark).

    And the “congestion tax” smokescreen is a lie. The Bridge/Tunnel toll only applies southbound, so imposing it in the afternoon has NO effect on city congestion. In any case, much of the traffic is going around and past the city on the Eastern and Western Distributors.

    Got that, Macquarie Street? Or should I say Sussex Street, since that is clearly the current seat of government power in NSW.

  • Thank you – these comments are breaking me up! I see on the weekend that an industry body has suggested that a receiver be appointed to the NSW government. They do this with local councils when they go pear shaped and our Fort Tumble is certainly in that category although it appears that they have rejected the suggestion.

    A very strong possibility that Fort Fumble will be left with no alternative but to intervene in the ongoing and escalating financial woes of Fort Tumble.

  • Good to see some of our long standing clients putting their views forward on the economy and real estate markets.I can’t help but wonder what Bob Carr is doing these days,he was the architecht of the NSW Govts demise in my opinion,and will go down in history as our worst ever economic manager. He however seems to slipped under the radar in the Labour shooting gallery, he’s quicker than Brian Haban in escaping a tricky situation.On the real estate front we are seeing some good buying at the moment,for those that are cashed up.Caution is the operative word in the market place,most are selling before buying,unless they have cash on the side from selling their shares last year,which quite a few did.

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