GST – a far cry from the Perfect 10 and state taxes that slow growth.

GST – a far cry from the Perfect 10 and state taxes that slow growth.

We welcome you to our new look E-Zine (electronic magazine) and website which forever will identify our online points of difference. This latest online release is a defining moment within our industry and one that we obviously treat very seriously. Our electronic platform is an industry first where the customer also comes first. Please enjoy

It has been our absolute pleasure to deliver to the clients in our dynamic market, the most comprehensive online electronic property data. Richardson & Wrench Mosman & Neutral Bay (RWM) continues to lead our markets with results, performance and innovation – “we never stop thinking about you.”

Without a doubt, the introduction of the Goods & Services Tax (GST) has seriously impacted on our markets and has definitely stymied property development and investment in housing. Some even refer to it as a Value Added Tax (VAT). The only problem is, that governments reap the financial benefits to the detriment of consumers. Banks are also reluctant to pursue mortgagee – in – possession (MIP) sales simply because they will have to pay GST on these forced sales. As stated previously, we have received just one instruction to act on a MIP sale in 2008.

Back to GST, the tax that our state government happily received but never passed on the tax reductions as promised. A disgrace, considering that in NSW, taxes have actually increased since the GST was introduced in 2000. NSW is now the (GST) 10 plus per cent state where tax payers are simply and obviously much worse off. What we have today is a government that is all but insolvent where state finances are now in debit, not credit.

A prime contender for a Double Dissolution, it has blown, wasted and destroyed all tax payer monies in the pursuit of disastrous economic policy. Our very own government failed miserably and is now MIP. No state government in our proud history has received such obscene tax payer donations which, as a direct result of incompetent financial management, have simply disintegrated.

This prompted the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, to fire off a warning to Premier Nathan Rees, to lift his game. A tad late for Kevin -07, given that the NSW mini-budget to be delivered next week will identify the worst possible case scenario, a governing body that is broke!

I love the election promises that politicians make during election campaigns (like every child will have a computer). An obvious state and federal government communication problem which never eventuated, because of failed election promises. The NSW government costed this and said that it simply won’t happen as it is unaffordable.

Now it has announced that 700,000 school children will lose free public transport at a time when sexual predators are running amok. Considering the attempted abductions around Sydney, the NSW government plan is to make more children walk the streets to home? Care factor for NSW families is now at zero point, obviously aligned with economic management policy.

Then of course you have the NSW government announcement that it will cut the red tape and free up the rezoning of land. Spend a few hundred thousand dollars of tax payer monies with extravagant advertising promoting the metro line only to now see it shelved. Spare a thought for those who acquired property based on this election promise. Politicians now gone and struggling home owners left carrying an asset marinated in broken election promises.

Our elected state government with its increasing tax grabs is a hindrance to our property markets when it should be an ally. Confidence will restore our property markets and cheaper money serves as great economic relief. With the Melbourne Cup out of the way and the popular election of Barack Obama, global confidence is now finally on the mend (so it appears).

And that is exactly what we got this week when the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) knocked off a further 75 basis points – the lowest rate since December 2003. Many forget that 2003 was a bull property market and whilst we are not suggesting another bull market, we can certainly see a confident market ahead. It should be remembered that during the last recession we had falling property prices with record high interest rates. Today, we are faced with adjusted property prices and the prospect of record low interest rates.

We would like your thoughts on this, so post your comments on our weekly “Virtual Realty News” blog and we will happily publish them. We invite you to participate and have a look around at our latest online media platform. We still have a few bugs to iron out which is only natural as this website has 1,262 pages (and populating) of data. Cheers ^__^

Here is a snapshot of the site provided by Peter Ricci our web developer. We have so many features, we have asked him to highlight a few!

Welcome to the New Richardson & Wrench Mosman and Neutral Bay Website

The Richardson & Wrench Mosman and Neutral Bay (RWM) home page, is quite a large home page. Because of the wealth of information provided by RWM over the years, we think it is important to share this information – even to the casual visitor.

We worked with the team from RWM to identify all of the key information areas and combined this into a home page, which is now more of a jump station to various sections of the site.

We also realised the importance of the people at RWM, you can have the greatest technology, the best systems on the planet, but it still comes down to your people. Including items such as latest news, most popular news, people, weekly feature properties, recent sales and latest releases gives the site more of a newspaper theme.

With all of this in mind we wanted it to be unique, we think it is.

Team Page

It all comes down to your people and RWM has been a steady ship for many years, so we engaged a photographer to take a range of photos in and around Mosman and Neutral Bay.

Each Team Member has profiles, plus their own unique page with their vendors listings and recent sales results (‘Success Stories’) on the page. Team Members can be contacted individually as well from their own page.

Property Page

The property page is where we really get things firing. Having so much information on a page can be daunting for any developer, but the principal still remains, what do potential customers want to see? To the top left of the page we provide pricing, accommodation and other relevant information. Below this are the agents assigned to the property and a simple contact area for users to contact agents directly.

Property Photos

We use a flash gallery to view photos, plans, voice-overs and videos. This software has a range of features. Visitors can scroll through photos by mouse over, they can pause and play, view full screen.

The software automatically plays through each photo and then through to plans/videos. Tabs at the top are only displayed when there is content, so no plans, no plans tab, likewise no videos, no videos tab.

Maps with Street View

We also include properties with addresses displayed Google mapping with street view. We have nice large maps for visitors to see exactly where a property is located. They can also zoom down to street view and take a walk around the area.

Suburb Profiles

We created a range of suburb profiles and these match up perfectly within our system, so a property in a certain suburb will bring the correct suburb profile into the page. We also engaged a photographer to take a range of photos around each suburb, so users can view these via a simple pop up screen.

Walk Score

“What I can walk to” is a common home-buying and apartment-renting criterion. Our integration of Walk Score’s technology calculates a Walk Score for any property and shows a map of what’s nearby with reviews to help you find a great neighbourhood. The software showcases nearby restaurants, coffee shops, bars, movies, schools, parks, libraries, bookstores, fitness centres, pharmacies, hardware and retails outlets within the area. We think it is a great inclusion inspired by the team at RWM.

Recent Sales

RWM’s recent sales, reads like the who’s who of property within Mosman and Neutral Bay. We bring in recent data into a page, and users can also jump through to the main screen and view all Internet sales from RWM over the years.

Similar Listings

Both sales and rent pages have a similar listings tool which matches property type and suburb and brings in data to match that criteria. We only display 3 most relevant for each property.

Virtual Realty News

Okay Robert/Richard/Stephen have had a free reign over the years, splashing out their thoughts, now you can also tell him what you think. Each news article allow the user to make a comment. You can return any time and start a conversation with the author or other people making comments. RWM will of course have to monitor this, and we have functionality to do this. But give it a try, believe me it is fun!

Recommended Browsers

Any expert will tell you, that you should have the latest browsers. This site is optimised for 80+% of the market using Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome browsers. If you don’t have one of the latest browsers, I suggest you download one of your choice. My personal favourite is Firefox, it is fast, flexible and secure.

RSS Feeds

You can subscribe to RSS Feeds for Sales, Rentals, Virtual Realty News, however you will need one of the latest browsers or a feed reader like Google Reader.


Yes it is a new site, with a lot of new technology, we do not expect it to be perfect from the outset, we have a small team of testers and have found most little annoying bugs, but sometimes new ones do arise, I would love your feedback and you can contact me (Peter Ricci) on 0438 391 397 or alternatively by email at

5 Responses to “GST – a far cry from the Perfect 10 and state taxes that slow growth.”

  • Daniel says:

    With interest rates falling property prices are going to go one direction and that is up.
    I know of a few first home owners who have been thinking of buying for some time and now that rates are coming down and the government subsidies have been upticked, they have started attending auctions ready to buy.

  • Greg Turnbull says:

    Site looks great Robert and team. Love the look and feel, very 2009! haha

  • Greg Turnbull says:

    Daniel, I agree, it is looking better, hopefully we will also see some steadiness into the world markets which will of course give the whole Australian market some confidence.

  • Chris Dale says:

    Congratulations to you and the team at R.W.M. fantastic site easy to use, clear, and informative. Chris

  • Congratulations Robert and the RWM team on the launch of your amazing new site!
    Fantastic to see such an innovative site setting the benchmark for Real Estate Agents websites.

    An interesting quote I once heard….

    “Traditional agents will not be replaced by technology…..they will be replaced by agents with technology”

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