Green light!

Green light!

The lights have turned green and the market is off and running!! With Australia Day celebrations over, all eyes are on our much watched property market. It would appear at this early stage that the telltale signs are indicating very positive buyer activity, with a hint of impatience! We were a bit surprised that the market stopped so early last year. In early December it took its annual leave over the Xmas break, but many of us were happy to catch our breath for a couple of weeks, after a record breaking trading year. From this early stage of the year it is indeed very difficult to hide our enthusiasm with the marketplace, and this week we had a look at some pretty awesome houses. When you see them here in the next few weeks, you will understand our excitement. It would come as little surprise if we sold all of the current auction properties prior to the set auction date, and for those concerned about missing our first night of the ‘First Eight’, fear not, we will still be holding a party regardless of the number of properties!

Whilst on parties… a big congratulations to Pat Rafter on being named Australian of the Year!! If anyone deserves this honour, Pat certainly is well qualified for the job. When in Sydney, Pat spends much time living at Balmoral so the announcement made some of us around here very proud. He was originally a Queenslander, but it is very difficult for anyone not to fall in love with the beauty of Balmoral, when you’re searching for ‘home sweet home’.

With low interest rates and real estate very much in the spot light, many are in search of the property ‘hotspots’. The lure of ‘making a fast buck’ is a strong one. Good luck to you if you find one. I have been asked this question frequently and I always say that you can’t go past your principal place of residence. After all it is capital gains tax free. This year I enter my eighteenth year selling Mosman homes and it is staggering to watch the capital growth of property from when I started. Back then, a good waterfront would cost you from $750,000 to $1,000,000. Today many of these homes have a replacement value of $10,000,000, and last year we did set the all time record for a Mosman waterfront ($15,500,000). Records will continue to be broken. That is what this industry is all about, and Mosman is fortunate enough to be considered as Australia’s most desirable suburb. That in itself is why we will always recommend Mosman as the best hotspot.

Many will see that this week we launched our new advertising corporate look and already many are praising the clean, fresh look. We believe that it is imperative for a property to look its very best when advertised, so we have reduced the corporate presence and increased the property exposure with much bigger and brighter photos. Just another example of why we are concentrating on being seen as the ‘smart choice’ of real estate agencies. Next week we will announce a new member to our family here, and we are very excited about the latest acquisition to our sales team. Steve and I spent not less than six months coaxing our new recruit and he has a very impressive curriculum vitae, which is only to be expected when you work here!! With twenty years in advertising and sales our ‘new kid on the block’ has many ideas on how we can further improve, by offering the best possible marketing strategies.

Real estate is definitely a numbers game and so far numbers at open for inspections have been excellent. This weekend will see the first official week of trading and the industry is brimming with confidence. This confidence might also explain why this week we had an all time record number of new subscribers. Like children going back to school this week, we are ‘champing at the bit’ because this year, we see something special in the market… Time will tell, see you next week (^_^)

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