It may have taken ten months for property owners to come to the realisation that all is well in the land of letter boxes and we are now trading in a market that’s making up for lost time. Timing is always the key ingredient in property transactions and some take more time than others.

A Balmoral residence reportedly sold this week for $14.800M, (land value only) having been in the one family since 1951 (if every owner took this long to sell, real estate agents wouldn’t be the only ones to suffer). However, once this 1785 square metre waterfront was presented to the market, it sold just days after advertising commenced. This sale highlights the strength at the top end of the market given that (for some) such acquisitions are nothing more than an indulgence with the new owners looking for another fifty years of ownership. The sale falls just short of the all time Mosman record posted in 2001, when we sold the neighbouring property for $15.500M. See ‘house of the week’.

Whilst on the waterfront theme, word is out that a Shellbank Avenue Mosman waterfront has just exchanged for $10m. Whilst some have remained tight lipped on the transaction, the fact that the home was previously on multiple websites and now removed, leaves a vital clue. The new owners are not moving far, given their passion for watery boundaries.

Not as fortunate this week was the departure from the Mosman market of Bradley Cooper who is off on a ‘see change’, ‘Bwad’ will feature in our Christmas edition. Most noticeable this week, was the removal of his gold chains for a ‘second hand’ lacklustre bracelet.

Just when you thought ‘Just Missed-it’ had left the offline market, this week they made a very brief comeback in print, with a letter stating that they were collecting their stands. Yes, the stands have been confiscated with ‘justlisted’ stating “the stand is now required for other uses”. Wonder what a second hand stand sells for?

News Ltd upped its ante in this week to a 51.52 per cent ownership. If it continues at this rate, most of us will be retired before it has complete ownership. What so many fail to realise is that the online operations available today, are far from a fait accompli. Just that many have stalled their respective thought processes, and imagination is a far cry from delivery. The question that I keep asking is that if the offline businesses ie The Mosman Daily or Domain North are so successful, why have they not been taken to the next dimension by delivering online. The pages are already templated and all that is necessary is a street search function, together with a list of the agencies that have advertised in that particular edition. As we say ‘Rome was not built in a day’.

Subscriber sales at ‘RWM’ jumped to $389,785,000 this week so we are not far from hitting the magical $400,000,000, which will be an industry first for this form of marketing. No longer on our property menu are 24 Bapaume Road Mosman, 31 Brightmore Street Cremorne, 5/90 Cremorne Road Cremorne and 22A Grasmere Road Cremorne (all subscribers).

Whilst we have been somewhat silent of late on the ‘State of Decay’, you have to hand it to ‘Morrie I’m- sorry’ and his government for finding a novel new way for investors to sell ‘For Sale’ This could only (well it did) happen in NSW. Cheers… ^__^

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