Downloads or downpours?  Reforming the policies of an egocentric!

Downloads or downpours? Reforming the policies of an egocentric!


Julia Gillard has a “vision for Australia”  delivering a good plan will be the test and if we were to judge her attempts at an education revolution, we could be excused for being sceptical and concerned. The cost of rebuilding Queensland following the floods and cyclone Yasi will be enormous, especially as we now find out that state goes it alone in shunning insurance. Yes, the Queensland government, in its wisdom, declined the opportunity to take out catastrophe insurance on the private market, believing  it was not “value for money”.

Unlike NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia where governments pay millions of dollars in premiums each year to international insurance companies to protect  infrastructure, Queensland relies on a deal struck with the commonwealth to pick up 75 per cent of the recovery costs after a catastrophe. Australia ‘more risky’ said the world’s biggest reinsurance company Swiss Re considering the string of natural disasters over the past few years. So Fort Fumble will now have to pick up 75 per cent of the bill to re – build Queensland.   Obviously, the Queensland government never bothered to have a look at cyclones to have impacted on Queensland, Australia from 1864 – of course we had global warming in 1864 too!


Little wonder Labor aims to save its bacon, not the planet although Julia Gillard battling flood levy backlash or, as Peter Costello wrote this week in the Sydney Morning HeraldFlood tax a slap in the face for those who dug deep. Given the odd billion dollars  that taxpayers contribute annually in GST, one would expect a state government to  have the nouse to insure against catastrophes.

Is a Flood Levy on Australians viable, considering  the Bligh government’s decision?  I don’t think so! Julia Gillard should have advised Australians that the Queensland government had no catastrophe insurance.

Gillard’s “vision for Australia” is broadband which comes with a $36 billion blister. It will deliver super  fast internet speeds of 100 megabits per second as against 12 Mbps delivered by wireless. America recently decided to pursue wireless and at 100 Mbps you can download a movie in 3 seconds as against 3 minutes with wireless.  Obviously, downloading movies takes precedence over admission to hospital! Townsville is part of the NBN roll out test city’s switch – on due, but re-build may be needed given NBN Co opted to deploy fibre cables from power poles to reduce costs because they had not secured the rights to use Telstra’s underground ducts. Cyclone Yasi smashed and destroyed all those overhead cables – so back to the drawing board for NBN Co.

Julia’s “vision for Australia’ includes a “re – build” for the flood victims in Queensland, but I draw your attention to a comment posted on our blog last week. “During these last floods, Wivenhoe was exposed to 2.5 million mega litres of flood water, against a design capacity of 1.450 mega litres. Of course we now know that Anna Bligh shied away from insuring her state – so what is being done to prevent another catastrophe? Not a single mention of another dam which is the obvious conclusion.

Fort Fumble has been treading water of late so it comes as no surprise that Treasury mulling tax on bank profits – new taxes are contagious with governments devoid of intelligent economic management. Even though – banks to face surge in bad debts after floods.

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) left the cash rate at 4.75 per cent when it met this week for its monthly serve of cucumber sandwiches. Governor Glenn Stevens’ statement which signalled that interest rates remain in a holding pattern for a few months to come despite borrowing costs continue to weigh on rates.

We are constantly reminded by Fort Fumble of the necessity to re-instate the budget back to surplus, but a tag of woeful economic managers is damaging its “vision of Australia’ and its pursuit of economic excellence. My favourite RBA member ,Warwick McKibbin, appears to be “up the creek” without the proverbial paddle, following his scrap the surplus fetish: McKibbin. Wayne Swan looks as confident about economics, as a re – insurance salesperson selling catastrophe insurance to Anna Bligh. Reserve Bank maverick Warwick McKibbin in challenge to Swan as one of Australia’s leading economic minds appears to be ‘culled’ by our Treasurer given his outspoken views.

Another “great vision for Australia’ (although nothing beats the Queensland government’s decision to remain uninsured) was the flood levy imposed prior to Cyclone Yasi. With the benefit of hindsight, all states and territories should cease paying policies and work on Fort Fumble’s seventy five per cent catastrophe cover.

“Beautiful one day – perfect the next.” Just pack an umbrella and flippers (and travel insurance).

Cheers ^__^

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15 Responses to “Downloads or downpours? Reforming the policies of an egocentric!”

  • Ann says:

    Yes, our insurance premiums for just about everything are going the same way as water and power bills.

  • Gordon says:

    It seems that La Gillardene may have already laid claim to the saying of the year, when she v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y patronised us by claiming that her government supported productivity, and would do something about it.

    This from the mob that turned a large surplus into a pumpk-, sorry, into a huge deficit by wasting billions on “revolutions”, and by giving supporters a handful of taxpayer cash to buy Chinese TVs. And the mob who imposed the most restrictive and proscriptive industrial policies, which ensure that our businesses will be unproductive and unable to compete.

    Back at Fort Crumbled, opinion polls disclose an astonishingly high 20% level of support for the puppet government. It sounds astonishing that anybody could vote for them, until we realise that the 20% may be all the maaates who have benefitted from State political patronage of one kind or another in recent years.

  • John Lorimer says:

    Julia Gillard…what vision? It is quite remarkable that a country of this size, global status and desirability could have an elected PM who cannot utter a personal perspective or single word of inspiration. So scripted and vacuous is she in every public appearance that one can only assume the poor lady is bereft of any original thinking and totally out of her depth.
    Natural disasters and those of its own making seem sadly to be the dominant themes at present. Where is someone with a true vision of just how much better this great country could really become?

  • Robbie Mac says:

    BTW, Middle Harbour Public School (MHPS) have just had their BER building handed over, after only a week of term. Not a bad effort, considering the initial contractor went belly up. By all reports, their replacements did a sterling effort under trying circumstances – some very happy teachers! Meanwhile, Neutral Bay won’t be ready until Easter (ish).

    As for “the vision thing” – we are sadly lacking this at state and federal level, so much so that our local government operatives are starting to look pretty good! Sadly, not even the minor parties seem to be able to offer anything of substance, despite having great opportunity given the vacuum. Perhaps Fatty O’Barrell is hiding his light under a bushell – let’s hope so.

    Meanwhile, I have a new torture test. Forget fingernails down a chalkboard – try listening to ANYTHING our Prime Minister says. The tone, the delivery, the manner, the content, the condescension! The saying goes that we get the government we deserve; if that is the case, what have we done to deserve this?

  • Robbie,

    Do the classrooms have airconditioning? Sounds a dumb question in this day and age however I read that over ninety per cent were not connected.

  • Ann says:

    Hi Robert,

    I know we did not have air con when we were at school, but very few classrooms in public or private schools have it. Ceiling fans yes, air con, no.

  • Ban Ann says:

    LOL! Clearly Ann fails to read beyond the headlines and is ignorant of a major stuff-up of the BER in relation to NSW schools, which has been widely reported in the past fortnight.

  • Ann

    Hospitals did not have air – conditioning then either but they do now. We are not a third world country either and not installing air – conditioning is an absolute no brainer.

    So much so that Brad Orgill said last week (and I quote) “There has been concerns that students are worse off than when they had air – conditioning in demountables. So the NSW government has revisited … its willingness to put air – conditioning into newly constructed and MDR (modular design range) buildings.”

    Obviously this won’t be done by Keneally given she is always flat out at the hairdressers. BOF will have to implement air – conditioning when he is elected next month.

  • Ann says:


    Yes I am fully aware of the lack of 3 Phase power for air con. Still very few public or private schools have air con in class rooms.

  • Robbie Mac says:


    Not 100% sure, but I don’t think they do. They’ve been designed, in theory, to be “green”, utilising cross ventilation, insulation and other passive design features for moderating temperature and keeping power consumption down. Being so new, haven’t had a chance to either inspect fully, or test the theory. Will keep you posted.

  • Thanks Robbie – the “green” theory sounds practical and even though they may not have air – conditionng one would hope that provision has been made to install at a later date if so required.

  • Robbie Mac says:


    I was right – they don’t. But you were also right – they will! They are wired up and air-con will be installed shortly, probably just in time for the end of summer. Intell all courtesy of the nine year old, so it must be true. A quick reccy from McPherson Street did indeed show some “loose ends” hanging out the building, so let’s hope he’s correct.

  • Robbie

    I was just driving up MacPherson Street and guess what? I saw them installing four air – conditioning units on the new building. So a Mosman school has air – conditioning now which begs the question was this P & C driven?

    Or possibly Julia Gillard is ensuring that all the schools within Tony Abbott’s seat are climate controlled.

    You will have to find out who paid for the air – conditioning?

  • Ann says:

    I bet there is a fight to see who gets those classrooms?

    The main old building (Years 3 – 6) were cool in summer as the classrooms are on the east side.

    But those Year 1 / 2 classrooms on the east side of the playground copped the sun all day and the western side baked the tin roof. Same for the Kindy class rooms.

  • Robbie Mac says:


    The P&C is indeed paying. The installation is almost complete, but the main delay will be the wait for the new onsite substation. The P&C is very good, but even they have limited powers.

    Most, if not all, of the existing classrooms have aircon, courtesy of the P&C. Fortunately, there is still a lot of shade over the older classrooms too, so those two factors combine well to keep people cool and calm. Most of the time…..

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