At the risk of sounding like “a broken record”, (I make no apologies!!) we are all about breaking records, whether it be a one bedroom unit, or a trophy property. When we sat down at the end of 2001 to draw up our business plan for 2002, we decided that this year we were going to try to break as many records as we could, hence the brand name “Exceeding is Succeeding”. So it came as little surprise when Steve, “Mr Sheen”, Patrick smashed the record – selling 15 Noble Street Mosman for $2,500,000! I call him “Mr Sheen” because he is squeaky clean and I also consider him as one of the best property negotiators in Australia. There were some interesting strategies adopted with this home. We identified a few very strong prospective purchasers and rather than wait for the duration of the marketing campaign, at the risk of losing a few to other properties, the auction was brought forward by two weeks – the rest is history. Now what is interesting is that many vendors are using this sale as a benchmark to judge their property by and rightfully so, I just hope that the agents they choose are also up to the task! He he he!! Mr Sheen then moved to 40 Medusa Street, and once again smashed the record for the south side of the street posting a fantastic $2,400,000 plus sale. Then Mr Sheen, went to 25 Ryries Parade and concluded the business at the on-site auction with a $1,260,000 sale, not a bad week’s work, which probably explains why he has taken this week off!! It is also interesting to note that our sale at 1 Illawarra Street for $3,350,000 was also an area record, and we are far from finished. Watch this space over the next few weeks for the new debutants. We are negotiating some amazing properties at the moment. No point following the market, we are leading the market!!

The market is strong despite some people using the threat of interest rate rises. Quite amazingly, the rise was first suggested that it was likely to happen in the December quarter, now some are speculating a June quarter. This is not going to have a serious affect on the Mosman market as purchasers are already doing their figures on seven per cent. I was thrilled to read the National Australia Bank’s February business poll this week, which clearly identifies business conditions were the best for two years and home lending figures were suggesting, that building work is set to continue and will boost economic activity for some time. Such announcements clearly identify a positive and prosperous future. I for one am at a total loss as to why a minority are hell bent on predicting doom and gloom. This is so far from actually being correct, that it is not funny. I am yet to meet somebody who has got the property market predictions correct, except for those who purchased a few years ago at the then peak, and are selling again in the current market and reaping massive capital gains. A Federal Election, terrorism and a war could not stop the market, so a few ‘sticks and stones’ will only break a few bones!!

Last Saturday we were also busy, ‘sticking our butts out for Australia’! Yes, the launch of the ‘BUTTs OUT’ campaign went off brilliantly at Balmoral Beach and many would have seen it advertised on TV. We are sure that the concept will work, helping to clean up our lovely beaches, and we are more than happy to sponsor it. After all, swimming with cigarette butts is not high on the list with most when they go to the beach. We are very proud to be associated with this campaign, and to have put our money where our mouth is!!

It would not be right for us to sell so much property and not replace our stock levels with more great properties, so this week we are proud to offer our next batch of homes. Some of these new homes include 29 Medusa Street, 37 Iluka Road, 71 Clanalpine Street, 6 Bullecourt Avenue, 1C Mistral Avenue, 1/29 Moruben Road, 14/464 Military Road and 1/4 Mandolong Road. Now that should tempt a few property appetites! Our May list is already half full, so in all probability we will have two auction dates that month.

Many will notice that a few properties are selling prior to auction, so register your interest early to avoid disappointment. This does not happen with every agency. Some have valued properties at absurd levels which is nothing new, they have been doing it for ages. Maybe the quote I used in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald back in 1997 might help them to understand: “A lack of integrity compromises the present and threatens the future”.

Registrations for new subscribers to ‘Virtual Realty News’ have hit an all time high and we must thank the Domain web site for some of our success. It is a brilliant property portal and we are one of its happiest subscribers. Not only is it at the forefront of property marketing, but it has an enormous following, which we certainly have taken advantage of. With nearly eighty per cent of our Vendors being VRN subscribers, it is no wonder why so many of our subscribers are on the phone first, when we list a new property, because V.R.N. is where you find out about the property first. It really is that simple.

Time to run we will have more results and property to offer next week… If you see a guy hitting golf balls into the Gulf of Thailand from the back of a cruise liner, please tell him to come home! He is easy to notice… the flight of the ball looks very much like a wobbly and ugly cut shot. We do miss you Mr Sheen, and don’t worry, you’ll get your edition of Virtual Realty News! (yes he even has an e-mail address on the ship!!) Watch your in-box we are on a roll… ^_^

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