‘Big Party’ in NSW: the patrons left what is now a ‘very small’ party!

‘Big Party’ in NSW: the patrons left what is now a ‘very small’ party!


Last Saturday’s NSW election delivered a cataclysmic demolition leaving Australia’s oldest party cracked at foundation with damage – so severe it may never recover. A political party with an insatiable self interest and indulgence whose  ethos became – “Bugger you Jack – I’m all right.” Sixteen years in power and nobody has anything nice thing to say about them. What a legacy!

The Estate of the Late Fort Crumble remains a rotting carcass with plenty of family members driving more nails into an already splintered coffin. NSW Labor has lost its base, and the plot to such an extent that NSW a drag on Julia Gillard: Paul Keating who once coined the phrase “where goes NSW Labor, goes federal Labor” as this stinging loss sends federal message although Fed govt downplays NSW Labor defeat.

Paul Keating has certainly not been silent no room for ‘sicko populism’ as Keating unloads on Labor where a herculean effort needed if Labor is to rebound. Even though likely NSW Labor leader is the worst choice possible as even Bob Hawke calls for ALP makeover given the Labor ‘disease’ will prove hard to heal and it is abundantly clear that they are ignoring their very own medical advice. No time for fighting, fix the factions and let the learning begin where only now we can read Paul Keating’s Dear John letter.


A new political dawn for NSW and everyone is hoping for a new beginning as business leaders’ call on new NSW government for quick action. Barry O’Farrell deserves credit where it’s due – they just didn’t see him coming as well as the three biggest myths of the NSW election result.

We still have Julia Gillard’s Fort Fumble which suddenly, is starting to resemble the Estate of the Late Fort Crumble with battles breaking out on all fronts. Bob Brown says Greens won’t rubber – stamp Labor’s mining tax as Resources Minister Martin Ferguson calls Greens basket – weavers and labels leader ‘soapbox’ Bob which left observers declaring – “them’s  fightin’ words”. The NBN then turned ugly as Fort Fumble refused to rule out using federal laws against states that oppose its plans to connect with Labor ready to use law to force NBN link – up – that would be the democracy prayer.

No hope for PM’s East Timor solution – Now up a creek without a paddle. As experts undermine government’s climate policy as that NSW word appears again – carbon is poison to tax reform. Even the Productivity Commission chief turns up heat on carbon tax debate although the knockout blow came as Andrew Wilkie sets deadline for pokie plan so Fort Fumble has just over six weeks to introduce this reform that will attack every pub and club across Australia or lose its balance of power. “Where goes NSW Labor, goes federal Labor” Hi Ho – Hi Ho – it’s off to the polls we go!

There is no denying that Barry O’Farrell has a huge job ahead and none is greater than taming the volatility of our property markets. Crisis looms as first – home buyers priced out of market and rents are expected to now grow faster than inflation. The Real Estate Institute of New South Wales (REINSW) issued a statement last week that State’s next Premier faces immediate housing supply and affordability crisis as the overall rental vacancy rate in Sydney fell 0.4 per cent to 1.1 per cent in February and the vacancy rate for Sydney’s ‘inner’ suburbs (0 – 10km from the CBD remained unchanged at 1.2 per cent).  In a perfect city (if that exists anymore) the vacancy rate should sit somewhere from 2.5 per cent to 3.5 per cent – Bazza you have a big problem! The REINSW cited “the rental crisis is a direct result of an inadequate, expensive and complex planning system and an inequitable property tax regime including high stamp duty rates, the raft of other imposts including land tax and the recently introduced ‘ad valorem’ tax.”

Well for starters, with the removal of Australia’s most incompetent, corrupt and inept government last Saturday – Big Bazza promised to abolish the ‘ad valorem’ tax if he was elected Premier. The NSW ALP (now known as the NSW Australian Lost Party) was responsible for we’re out of here, say hordes hankering for state satisfaction as people are now fleeing NSW at a rate of 50 packed cars each day and the NSW population is growing at the third – slowest rate in the nation. The picture that emerges from the Bureau of Statistics figures is of a state Australians move to and leave. About 19,000 Australians moved to NSW between the June and September quarters, and 21,000 left. In contrast, Queensland also had 19,000 arrivals, and only 9000 departures.

Western Australia is the fastest growing state, boosting its population at an annual rate of 2.2 per cent, followed by Queensland (1.6 per cent) and Victoria (1.5 per cent) NSW is fourth at (1.2 per cent), ahead of South Australia and Tasmania. Once upon a time NSW used to be number one, but this changed when the Australian Lost Party took over.

How to slash out– of–control house prices – cap city populations which would have catastrophic consequences with predictions that in Sydney alone, house prices would fall by more than 18 per cent over the next ten years. No need to sugar coat the real estate market as home prices flat line in difficult market.

It is quite simple to explain the problems that caused our real estate markets to flat line because the stressed don’t spend. Suncorp revealed its analysis of what causes Australians the most stress and here are the seven most stressful events.

  1. Having your home and belongings destroyed by a natural disaster
  2. Serious illness or injury
  3. Losing your job
  4. Getting divorced
  5. Having a child
  6. Moving house
  7. Getting married

Australians are more concerned about losing their jobs – which explains why that ring of confidence is presently missing in our property markets. Also, we need better taxes, not bigger taxes so in another amazing announcement by Julia Gillard PM orders GST review to punish states that let economies stagnate. So a Carbon Tax won’t impact productivity? We have been warned this week that we can expect to be paying $2.00 a litre for petrol!

Robbie Mac was right (he predicted on the blog this week that I would run out of room to announce the $5.000 + Mosman house sales from 2005 – 2010).  Next week hopefully, as I have compiled all the results.

John Robertson was elected as Opposition leader for the Estate of the Late Fort Crumble to which the general public responded – try telling somebody who actually cares!

As Paul Keating once said – “where goes NSW Labor, goes federal Labor!

Cheers ^__^

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12 Responses to “‘Big Party’ in NSW: the patrons left what is now a ‘very small’ party!”

  • Ann says:

    Hi Robert,

    I hope that a dawn not a sunset!!

    Australia Post have increased the prices of the red prepaid Parcel Post satchels by 16.6% in the last 20 months, the latest increase comes on Monday, the previous one in July last year. Its a secret tax grab. Not posted on the Australia Post website. Gillard, Swan, Conroy and ACCC should be ashamed of themselves.

    Nothing can justify this incease.

  • After Saturday’s State election outcome (which was hardly unexpected) I’ve been looking forward to your ‘spray’ all week. You didn’t disappoint.

  • Hotly Spiced says:

    A great summary of the week’s events. A friend of mine was buying a train ticket at Lindfield Station this morning and queuing up behind him was Bazza himself!

  • peter maccormick says:

    loved your list of seven most stressful events maybe some in mosman would change the order !!!

  • Pete

    I agree as job security would be number one! Thankfully, we don’t get floods (well not at the moment anyway). You could then market your home as a deep waterfrontage 🙂

  • Gordon says:

    Fort Crumbled is now dust blowing in the wind, albeit as toxic as ever. One interesting facet of the election was the astonishingly high vote received by the closet communists in a few seats. For example, in North Shore they got about 20% of the votes cast – it’s hard to believe that one in five voters could sensibly go that way.

    And Fort Fumble continues in it’s self-centred parallel universe. One largely overlooked aspect of the carbon dioxide tax was highlighted on a recent blog, where it was pointed out that a big chunk of the hundreds of millions raised by the tax will be ‘donated’ to the UN by our govt.

    The suggestion was that Juliar might gladly use that money to, ahem, influence the UN to give Kruddie a good job that would keep him out of Juliar’s sight. How could taxpayers argue against such a noble objective?

  • Ann says:

    Interesting article in The Australian today.


    Senator Elect Ms Lee Rhiannon denies she is a watermelon and the article states her parents were both members of the Communist Party of Australia.

    ASIO had her on file when she was 7

  • Andrew says:

    Yes, well why would anybody buy a freestanding home to add to the rental pool in Sydney? With the disgusting amount of land tax that will eat into any rent you may hope to get. I remember when this ridiculous, iniquetous tax was introduced it also penalised asset rich, cash poor retirees and forced them out of their sometimes quite modest homes – until well into the blunder, Fort Crumble did an embarasing but necessary backpedal. Perhaps Mr O’Farrell and his cronies will see the light and get rid of this crippling tax that is adding to the upward push on rents, but then again they have a mighty hole to get out of so perhaps not..

  • Ann says:

    Gee Robert,

    You have enough ammo in the last few days to write a months worth

  • Indeed – in a word the government is imploding before our very eyes. As a result they will throw up plenty of diversions like a second Sydney airport to take the attention off other key stuff – ups.

    I saw today that NBN Co has now spent $1.400 billion and connected 500 Tasmanian households which equates to $2.800 million/household. No wonder it has been sin binned!

    You’re right I have heaps of stories which I will start collating tonight – so again it looks like the $5.000 + Mosman house sales may miss out again this week.

  • Ann says:

    Robert you are as bad as Gillard, breaking promises

    “You’re right I have heaps of stories which I will start collating tonight – so again it looks like the $5.000 + Mosman house sales may miss out again this week”.

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