Australian real estate needs to get trigger – happy!

Australian real estate needs to get trigger – happy!

Forget the spin and electoral rhetoric – Australia had just one quarter of negative growth yet in the wash – up many businesses did very well from the (apparently) worst global financial crisis (GFC) since the Great Depression. Danny John from the Sydney Morning Herald wrote “What crisis? Westpac gains ground from the GFC “A close study of Westpac’s annual financial result shows just how much the country’s second – biggest bank has benefited from the gains in revenue – and therefore market share – which all four of the majors have enjoyed in the wake of the global financial crisis.” No doubt shareholders will be happy with this most taxing banking stimulus!

That other stimulus paints an entirely new picture IMF praises handling of financial crisis when Peter Martin from the Sydney Morning Herald wrote “The International Monetary Fund has singled out Australia as one of the best managed economies, declaring that only Denmark, Korea, Norway, Australia and Sweden among advanced economies will require little or no medium – term adjustment to keep government debt at safe levels”. Now that may be fine however, Fort Fumble (Federal government) has some amazing housekeeping to balance both past and present where it will require some pretty amazing creative accountancy to balance its books. You can read Fort Fumble’s very own accountancy plan MYOB – (May You Obey Bureaucrats) here.


Tim Mooney Photography captures Cammeray, Tunks Park and Northbridge Golf Course

Still on creative accounting, the award would have to go to our very own Nathan Rees who presides over Fort Crumble. This week he approved a three per cent pay rise for all NSW MP’s making himself the highest paid in Australia after The Emperor – Kevin Rudd. Now before we jump to conclusions both are battling enormous budget deficits so that in itself highlights the pressure they currently find themselves in.

The Sunday Telegraph revealed “Nathan Rees’ master plan to convince NSW to give him one more term. “Nathan Rees needs cash – and plenty of it – to convince fed – up voters to give Labor one more chance. Linda Silimalis reported “Embattled NSW Premier Nathan Rees is pleading with Kevin Rudd to help fund a $10 billion – plus pre – election spending spree to save his government.” Reads more like a last rites request although many would agree that from a business growth analogy, NSW passed away a few years ago and remains the highest taxing state with the least to show in terms of infrastructure.

As we all know, everything requires a plan although it would appear that a few requiring that stimulus are looking rather sick after construction on a Fort Fumble rail project was shut down in Sydney due to a financial blow–out, allegedly caused by poor planning. Our very own Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Anthony Albanese, said earlier this year, that this project to take freight trains off the Sydney passenger rail network would be completed by early 2010 (now on hold indefinitely). Note this is a Fort Fumble initiative as against another Fort Crumble ongoing malfunction.

For me, another great read of the week was the transcript from Stateline NSW – when Quentin Dempster quizzed Kevin Rudd and Nathan Rees – Discredited

Later in the week, The Daily Telegraph ran the story – Developer lobbies for Della Bosca (Bonka) to become premier. The country’s biggest property developer Harry Triguboff is privately lobbying Labor Party officials to support John Della Bosca’s bid to become NSW premier. You can draw your own conclusions on that although it is interesting to see a property developer interested in re-building Fort Crumble – (I will get to that shortly) as trigger – happy. Makes plenty of sense when the NSW government has next to no idea about building infrastructure. After all it is actually broke!

The Melbourne Cup rate increase (whilst widely tipped) had little effect on the punters and a record $95.600 million was bet on race day. The Emperor keeps telling us that we need his stimulus yet Australia is the only country raising its cash rate so who is actually punting?

4-11-2009 10-29-15 AM

Macquarie Economics Research – How high will rates go? They lead the tipping competition on our interest rate predictions? “The similarity between the October and November statements suggests that the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) game plan remains unchanged. This means that the first stage of tightening will be out to get interest rates back towards a neutral level – which we think this is now 4 1/2 %“. That means another 100 basis point increases although it should be noted that the RBA has never before increased the cash rate three months in a row.

Robert Gottliebsen wrote on Business Spectato Rate rises may backfire “Tomorrow’s Melbourne Cup deliberations by the Reserve Bank board present issues far more complex than most commentators are canvassing.” Enter Harry Triguboff again backed by the Macquarie Bank graph (above). “The Reserve Bank, its hidden agenda is that it is deeply concerned that the recent sharp rise in dwelling prices and the bank fears that a new bout of housing affordability issues and an eventual price bubble is looming as Australia’s housing prices move outside world trends. The rising prices move outside world trends. The rising dwelling prices are pushing the central bank towards lifting interest rates more sharply, despite Treasury caution.”

“Then enter Harry Triguboff – the largest owner and builder of apartments in Sydney and a major force in Queensland.”

“Understandably many discount Triguboff’s conclusions because he clearly has an axe to grind. But over the years I have found that the base trends that Triguboff isolates are right nine times out of 10, but his remedies are uncomfortable. When Sydney was booming he said the city was dying, but then declared it would not die because eventually the politicians and local councils would start making sensible decisions. It’s taken eight years but they are now listening to him.”

“Triguboff points out that for the last five years the construction of Australian housing has been half the demand created by rising population, so a huge backlog has developed.”

“Triguboff now says: “If the Reserve Bank insists on raising interest rates in the hope of suppressing prices then they must understand that they will in turn suppress construction.”

“Banks are still very cautious and will insist on decent margins of profit, otherwise they will not advance loans to developers. I know that the Reserve Bank does not want to do it, but they have to make up their minds. Interest rates should not rise until building activity increase significantly. That is the true reasons for raising interest rates – stop oversupply. But all the evidence and rents and prices point to undersupply for the foreseeable future.”

“What Triguboff is highlighting is that the dramatic rises in Australia’s population complicate the interest rate argument. The Reserve Bank will not halt interest rates because of the Triguboff warning, but they need to understand that their current decision making process may create the opposite of what they expect in long – term dwelling prices.”

This should be a cornerstone point with the Ken Henry Review into Australia’s taxation report which is due on Christmas Eve.

On a lighter note – towel surfing was introduced to Australia last Friday when over 200 people on Bondi Beach joined in a synchronous dance to the music of local resident Ben Lee. I wonder when it will come to Balmoral Beach or possibly an open for inspection. (Turn up the volume).

Our property markets need to start dancing to the right tune – the RBA is obviously playing the wrong music as the dance floor is empty.

Cheers ^__^

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  • Gordon says:

    It would be easier to chuckle at the developing lunacy in Forts Fumble and Crumbled (long since dead in the water) if we didn’t have to live here.

    The NSW disease is now showing up in Canberra. Many NSW apparatchiks have become Fumble warriors, conveniently ahead of the next state election, and have taken their incompetence with them.

    This may explain why the independent Reserve Bank is pulling in one direction (fighting inflation) while Fort Fumble goes the other way with their stimulus/inflationary brainstorms.

    These “revolutions” will unapologetically run to the next election, Julia Gillard Memorial Plaques and all, with no idea of direct and indirect (inflation) costs.

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