An election puzzle with so many missing pieces!

An election puzzle with so many missing pieces!

The 2010 federal election is all about the polls (cometh the spin) then three years on, we have more broken promises than promises that actually came to fruition. Neither party has a single blueprint for the Australian economy, nor the nation as a whole and this was classically highlighted during the global financial crisis spend– a– thon which we are told constantly, saved the Australian economy from recession. Australia’s need to invest in infrastructure, is urgent – roads, rail and ports and this is why Fort Crumble faces election annihilation when NSW goes to the polls in March 2011.

Infrastructure in NSW ‘average to poor’ a scathing new report card from Engineers Australia where more than three quarters of the sectors require major or critical changes. This report highlights the point that industry can identify the problems, yet elected governments are incapable of preparing a work – in – progress strategy for Australia. Fix these problems because today our population is well ahead of infrastructure which was brilliantly explained in gotchanomics doesn’t bring home the real bacon.

Labor struggling in key states which led to rolling out the barrel – Labor denies pork – barrel suggestion. Andrew West from the Sydney Morning Herald wrote Back on track – and just the ticket for commuters “It is politically brave for a prime minister to appear publicly with a NSW premier these days. It is crazy brave to make a joint announcement about public transport. The NSW public is so cynical about public transport promises – after 15 years of projects being announced, postponed, shelved and re – announced – that voters no longer believe state Labor can deliver a crucial service.” The $2.100 billion rail link announcement for Parramatta and Epping will no doubt be shelved once Fort Crumble is removed permanently at the next state election – all aboard the PM’s Parramatta express. Who could forget reading How lazy Nathan Rees sold NSW short which explains why Gillard and Keneally fail on Sydney’s transport infrastructure funding. More than half the pledged monies promised in the current election will not be spent until after the next election in 2013 – pork rolled out on the never-never.



Surveys reveal that Australia is home to the world’s least – affordable property. Pundits are at odds over whether it might end in a bang or a whimper – a great read Forever blowing bubbles. The Real Estate Institute of Australia recently announced that a contributing factor to the increase in house prices and the decline in housing affordability, is the under-supply of housing. According to the National Housing Supply Council, the gap between the supply and demand for housing will increase in the next eight years and this will put further pressure on house prices.

7-08-2010 11-17-13 AM

Nothing new on offer since the houses that Kevin built – “It might be important to voters – but not the parties”, wrote Kevin Saulwick. “There may have been more pressing issues than housing affordability at the 2007 election, but not many. Which makes it all the more remarkable that three years later – and with the same level of community concern about the cost of living – there has been little focus on housing by Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott. When Kevin Rudd sailed into office, it was due to Labor’s success in putting itself on the side of the angels when it came to housing costs. Rudd’s message was simple: he sympathised with families bleeding ever – larger payments on mortgages and rent. And he came to office offering policies aimed at increasing the supply of affordable properties to help reduce the pressures.” The Emperor was de-throned by the Orange Roughie because he had lost his way, then poor polling saw a phoenix – like resurrection to lead Labor to better polling – hence the soap opera.

Housing affordability can come down only with much improved infrastructure policies – Capital city house prices up 18 per cent from last year – ABS even though home loans sink to nine – year low. When infrastructure is non–existent, this leads to construction slumps in July because there is no point building, where there is no demand (especially when NSW has no South West rail link, North West rail link, Parramatta to Epping rail, M4 East and M5 East duplication). If these facilities were in place as promised, NSW construction would be booming and housing affordability and rentals much more affordable. How can Australia “move forward” when infrastructure is moving backwards, compared to our population growth? Policy on the run again as NSW Labor in the dark over Gillard’s Parramatta – Epping rail link promise which has been revealed as the rail pledge a carrot in push for McKew win for the seat of Bennelong – Maxine who?

The last remaining economic data statistic before next Saturday’s election was released this week – shock jobless rise where the three states of major concern for federal Labor – NSW, Queensland and Western Australia all experienced unemployment increases.

12-08-2010 2-52-51 PM

Whilst home loans fall as interest rates bite the good news is that the Reserve Bank of Australia RBA statement suggests longer pause given RBA forecasts plenty of blue sky ahead. With the election ‘soap opera’ out of the way next Saturday, we can expect some normality back in our property markets. Electoral promises rarely come to fruition as The Emperor “Kevin 07” found, even though he has been brought back to life – with a faint pulse.

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5 Responses to “An election puzzle with so many missing pieces!”

  • Ann says:

    It will be the closest election since Gough Whitlam won by 5 seats in 1974, but Gillard will sneak back in and we will be paying for it, big time

  • Mark says:

    Labor will prevail. But it will come at a terrible cost. Gillard’s promise to open a processing centre in East Timor will be exposed as a sham. Another GFC is brewing. Wayne Swan will deploy copious amounts of stimulus. His “three-years-ahead-of-schedule” budget surplus will be postponed indefinitely. Years of budget deficits beckon. America will enter depression, unless Bernanke prints copious quantities of US dollars. Japan will default. So yes, Tony Abbott’s Liberals will be defeated, but it will be a blessing in disguise. The next few years will be an opportune time to be in opposition.

  • Gordon says:

    Good comments, Ann & Mark. The next three years in Australia could be even rougher and tougher than the last three.

    We’ll have all the known Gillard policies in full flight, plus a few more that the faceless “short ones” now running both Forts, Fumble and Crumbled, haven’t got around to telling us about yet.

    Plus the same symbiotic (or parasitic) relationship with the watermelon Greens that is now stuffing Tasmania, so it’s likely to be a pretty rough ride. Then, as usual, the conservatives will be elected to come in and clean up the mess in the battered economy.

  • I’m not exactly sure I would want to win the upcoming election given I believe federal Labor will be given the benefit of the doubt. There is no way (by the next federal election) that the budget will be returned to surplus given no Labor governments know how to run a surplus budget!

    NSW Labor will be wiped off the floor next March as will the next state election in Queensland see a mirror result. The polls will be heading south for federal Labor and Julia Gillard will be replaced by the unions that run federal Labor.

    The other interesting point is where will Julia Gillard reward those back room union delegates who sent her to power on her front bench? Also, I need a Fort Fumble for Virtual Realty News 🙂

  • Mark says:


    “Also, I need a Fort Fumble for Virtual Realty News :)”

    We shall remind you of that ‘wish’ over the next three years.

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