A minority singing for the majority – and the chorus is?

A minority singing for the majority – and the chorus is?

Australia’s presiding government has now been in caretaker mode for  almost two months and in all probability, will move to a makeshift government, better known as a ‘political pantomime’. The political care factor is all about me, myself and I, but hopefully by this time next week, we will finally know the outcome of the 2010 federal election.

Already many cracks are appearing given we failed, Julia almost admits as three amigos turned into Mexican bandits which was best summed up with funny farm on the hill loses a few inmates, gains some more. Although at the end of the day, there is no escaping the fact that once decided, this will be the government we’ll have to have. It would be catastrophic for Julia Gillard’s CV to read Australia’s shortest serving (union elected) prime minister – no wonder she has turned green.

Unlike this week’s political speak – it was the Australian economy that “walked the walk and talked the talk”. This  highlighted the fact that Australians (not politicians) know their business. Australia’s economic growth accelerates as it remains one of the world’s best performing economies, with the latest data showing growth is back to pre – financial crisis levels. GDP growth was 3.3 per cent at an annual rate, faster than the 2.7 per cent pace in the March quarter, and surpassing the 2.9 per cent tipped by analysts. Just wish one particular bloke would mind his own business as Wayne Swan claims Labor responsible for GDP growth. Somebody should tell him that if that was the case, his government would have been re-elected with a majority.


This is a sensational photo identifying our urban sprawl – at first I thought it had been photo shopped however I can assure you that it has not. Another brilliant Tim Mooney capture.


GDP speeds ahead of economists’ forecast as China fuels mining sector. This  needs to be put into perspective given “the resilience of the economy is thanks to demand for the nation’s iron – ore, coal and other minerals, particularly from China, which has helped boost company profits. This has helped support business and consumer confidence and kept household consumption buoyant, a big contributor to economic growth in the June quarter.” Is this green Gillard’s political blunder? Given federal Labor and the Greens support future Mining Super Profits Taxation revenues which could deliver diabolical consequences as Australian miners flock to Africa. The moral to this story…?

30-08-2010 9-20-04 AM

So will all this positive data reporting be the catalyst for the long awaited return of the top–end real estate recovery? They say it comes in threes so first, we had anecdotal evidence that the Australian economy had returned to pre – global financial crisis levels. Secondly, we are now in September (which historically coincides with our peak selling period) although this market has been in  prolonged hibernation. Last but not least, property shakes off winter blues with $52 million sale. Historically, property markets follow GDP growth. Our property markets peaked in 2003 and 2007 which is clearly indicated in the following graph. If trends continue, 2010 will see a period of consolidation and growth and 2011 will return to 2007 prices and probably beyond.

1-09-2010 12-31-04 PM

The Mosman house market sales in 2010 (thus far) are far from impressive and turnover is well down on previous years.



  • 2007 – 414 transactions to a total value of $1,169,107,720
  • 2008 – 445 transactions to a total value of $736,789,726
  • 2009 – 474 transactions to a total value of $730,889,500
  • 2010 – 172 transactions to a total value of $402,766,550
  • Source: Domain Property Data

Interesting to note that in 2010 there have been 141 recorded sales up to $5,000,000 (79 recorded sales up to $1,500,000 and 62 recorded sales above $2,500,000.) Just 19 sales have been recorded in excess of $5,000,000 (12 above $5,000,000, 2 above $6,000,000, 2 above $7,000,000, 1 above $9,000,000 and 2 above $10,000,000.)

When the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) meets next week, the cash rate will remain on hold despite some predicting a reduction. The reality is that the RBA will only cut rates when our economy starts heading pear – shaped. Risk of double – dip recession: Debelle which this week was dispelled when rate rise on the radar as profits surge.

Onwards, however not necessarily upwards the great housing dilemma continues as does Sydney rental vacancies rise, data shows. NSW is heading backwards as is our presiding government, Fort Crumble, which continues to stuff – up growth as developers furious at reversal of home levy savings. Australia’s worst ever government is dysfunctional, corrupt and rotten, the end is finally nigh for Labor as corruption fighters take on Keneally. Ferry services are being cut to Mosman, Cremorne and Neutral Bay as Fort Crumble tries to appease voters in Labor heartland seats despite – No minister, don’t cut ferry services – let us run them, say private firms as NSW minister quits for using adult and gambling websites. The stethoscope was then applied as $131 million ‘missing from NSW health budget’ which would explain why NSW is terminally ill in the political sense.

Whatever happens next week when our federal government is announced we can expect plenty of pollies to be singing from different hymn books and not in chorus? Some suggest a parliament of enlightenment although I see a parliament of disenchantment.

Off to the polls we go – yet again.

Cheers ^__^

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18 Responses to “A minority singing for the majority – and the chorus is?”

  • Ann says:


    The old density and new density photo is amazing, where is it from?

    The three amigo’s will hang out another weekend to announce their decision. Given their performance on TV last evening, it appears like they are leading or selling out to the left. Another three years of mismanagement. Interesting that the claymore mine himself, KRUDD has been MIA for two weeks. Wait till that one exlploded. Abbott should send Robb and Hockey to the back bench for 3 years and actively seek smarter people in their seats for 2013.

  • Greg Vincent says:

    How long do you think it will be before we are back at the polls Robert? I’m thinking it’s got to be within the first 12 months.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think either of the have got the guts to go to the Governor General before or immediately after the first sitting of Parliament.

    It looks like we’ll all be doing the ‘Limbo’ for a while.

  • Ann says:


    We wont be back at the polls, the independents would loose their power and this is what they want. There will be backdowns left right and centre to ensure that there is stable government.

  • Ann, not sure where it was taken as Tim is presently overseas – no doubt when he reads the edition he can tell us where he took the shot.

    Greg, well it appears if you want something done in ones electorate it can only happen via an Independent candidate which I’m sure will lead to an influx of aspiring new candidates to lay claim in upcoming elections. Too many forces now want a hand on the wheel – given for the best part of their political careers they have been a silent minority. Egos now run amok in Canberra!

    Bob Brown is effectively now the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia.

    Just reading that Andrew Wilkie’s decision to back Labor will leave the redevelopment of Royal Hobart Hospital $160 million short. It appears somewhat contagious that politicians can’t make their spending of taxpayers monies add up.

    In a word I see Canberra being “untenable” for all sides of parliament and when that happens we know what happens next. Bob Brown will be sticking his nose into everything and then of course Kevin Rudd is a long way from finished as he see’s himself as the *Come – back Kid*.

    There are already more knives out than at the local abattoir 🙂

  • Gordon says:

    It seems that Ann is right, and the three mouseketeers (all disaffected former Coalition members) are having a ball at our expense before they confirm the view they have had all along and make a sharp left turn.

    It used to be that a vote for the Greens was a vote for the ALP, but since they are now not-very-strange (to each other) bedfellows, a vote for the ALP is now a vote for the watermelon Greens.

    And Wilkie’s decision appears to have been predictable, since he seems to have been in more parties than Paris Hilton. It’s likely that his current fondness for the ALP may be shortlived, and there will be more grandstanding before we get back to some stability. Just in time to sort out the very corrupt Fort Crumbled. Lucky us. . .

  • Robbie Mac says:

    We are currently experiencing an example of “The Rumsfeld Void”. We don’t know what is going to happen because those that should know don’t, and those that don’t know should. Once those that don’t know do know, we will then discover they don’t know as much as they thought they would know, which means we will know even less. The most likely outcome is unknown. This will result in no confidence and ultimately, a new poll. When? I don’t know.

  • Ahhh – gotta love the blogs 🙂

    Here is how I see it – Katter will go Coalition, Oakeshott will go Labor and Windsor will be the 50/50 bet however he may be swayed to the Coalition now the Bob Brown is Deputy Prime Minister.

  • Tim Mooney says:

    Jetlagged in Paris but shooting of the new book is going well. The density pic was taken just south of Parramatta and a little north of Bankstown (en route to landing). The new density sub division looks like lego land from the chopper … as does some of the new districts of Paris. Good weather here … not going in seine … staying normal. Wait till you see what pic Robert is putting in next week.

  • Wayne says:

    Hi Robert
    Could not agree more with your post, these people are supposed to be Independents but are forming a minority party between themselves. They will never want to go back to the polls now as they know that will be the end of them as no one will want this happening again. Kevin Rudd is really getting into their ears as everyone knows that the deal has been done with Gillard that if they get back into power he will have the Foreign Affairs portfolio (why do you think he came out in support of her after all the leaks). That way he keeps all of his overseas travel and luxury hotels (just got from the UK & Europe and over there they refer to him as Kevin 747, I honestly believe that now is the time to change the voting system to one person one vote and no preferences.

  • Ann says:

    Thank You Tim. Next week shot will be of Wauchope where Mr Oakeshott will be hanging….around behind riot shields.

  • Thanks Tim – most intrigued as to what photo(s) you have in store for next week’s edition. Looks like today will see the Independents reveal their hand as to which party they will support after a few week’s of Gillard rewarding them with cash for vote. Fortunately it looks like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House have not been thrown in.

    The Emperor remains the dark horse as he champions the independent vote – somehow I see The Emperor challenging Gillard once he gathers his support in stealth.

  • Robbie Mac says:

    You never know – The Emperor might do a Billy Hughes. It has been that sort of year – nothing would surprise.

  • Ann says:

    The Emperor will have a banquest and will feast on HockeyRump and RobbRibbs

  • Got a feeling that the Coalition will now secure all three votes of the Independents 9.10 am Tuesday 🙂 See what happens in a few hours time.

  • Robbie Mac says:

    Or not.

  • Seventeen days of political grandstanding – it will be interesting to read what Oakeshott’s and Windsor’s local newspapers have to say about their respective decisions!

    Not good news for the property markets and it will be interesting to see how the share market reacts.

  • Ann says:

    Interesting comment from Antony Green. He said that the Greens could be taken out of play in the Senate, cause the Coalition could work with the independants to craft the legislation with Labor and then vote for the legislation in the senate, so the Greens dont get a look in.

    Bob Brown – make sure you use recycled tissues

  • Keith says:

    Robert, where do you think the property market is going to go now that Gillard is back in ?

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