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It’s the safe money that’s in property

' A question that I have been asked on more than a few occasions has been what are some of the real game changers that I have seen in my time selling real estate?  My first response is the obvious how long have... Continue reading »

Watch the cash rate – not the market

' I’ve always liked the saying “can’t see the forest for the trees” given it appropriately sums up so much of the distorted self – indoctrinated bias of opinion pertaining to real estate in Australia.... Continue reading »

The new ‘P’ in property is perspective

. If one was looking for a single word that is missing from the ongoing property debate look no further than ‘perspective’. From which perspective are they looking at to draw a conclusion where more often than... Continue reading »

A broken system – investors are laughing all the way

' One does not need to be Albert Einstein to see that for decades and decades the Australian real estate industry has been running blind so it’s very interesting to observe that now a cavalcade of seeing eye-dogs... Continue reading »

Cold facts needed for red – hot property

. For some very strange reason property commentators are struggling to differentiate between the investor property market and the household property market. Treasurer Joe Hockey was so right when he commented this... Continue reading »

Why Australian real estate is like one giant Rubik’s Cube

' Without a doubt it’s one of the most confused and manipulated demographics within the Australian economy – yet year in and year out we have commentators both here and afar trying to solve this puzzle. What... Continue reading »

For my next trick: A mountain out of a molehill

. When it comes to real estate in Australia there is no better saying than “if you want to make a mountain out a molehill – just keep adding dirt.” So when we were conveniently advised this week that Sydney... Continue reading »

An optical illusion they call a “property bubble”

' Spare a thought for those property writers in Australia where it has become increasingly obvious that the pressure of having little to write about is taking its toll. The cash rate together with the inner workings... Continue reading »

The RBA has parked the Australian property market

. It’s hardly surprising that the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) decided to park the cash rate indefinitely given the complexities associated with Australia’s fascination of owning real estate. When one looks... Continue reading »
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    Anglesea real estate agents property land and accommodation
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    Apollo Bay real estate agents property land and accommodation
  • Balmoral Baths
  • Balmoral Beach Club
    is situated on the edge of Edwards Beach, the northernmost of the two beaches which make up Balmoral on Sydney Harbour.
  • Barrenjoey House
    Coastal breezes drift across the sparkling ripples of Pittwater in Sydney’s north. Picturesque sailing boats drift along in the breeze. A magical setting for Barrenjoey House, a perfect mix of beachside chic and great food.
  • Beppi's
    Beppi Polese is considered the patriarch of Italian restaurants in Sydney and Beppi’s Restaurant an institution.
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    A schooner at the Buena
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    Cala Luna Restaurant Mosman
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    Established by Philip Corben in 1990, Corben Architects is an experienced architectural practice committed to the creation of great buildings.
  • d'Albora Marina – The Spit
    Set on the tranquil waterways of picturesque Middle Harbour
  • Domain.com.au
    Houses and apartments for sale or rent all over Australia. Thousands of properties in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin.
  • Fine Fish
    finefish is a retail shop and restaurant, dedicated to providing the best range and highest quality seafood in Sydney, whether it be to eat in or takeaway.
  • Firefly
    The lower North Shore’s original and best Share plates & wine Bar.
  • Fitness First Mosman – Timetables
  • Forty One
    Forty One Restaurant, located at the top of landmark Chifley Tower, has long been recognised as Sydney’s most revered fine dining experience gaining international recognition for the innovative cuisine of its chef and owner, Dietmar Sawyere.

R&W Recent Sales

Suburb Property Type Beds Baths Price
Waverton House 4 1 $1,575,000
Neutral Bay Apartment 1 1 $682,000
Neutral Bay House 4 3 $2,920,000
Mosman Apartment 2 2
Mcmahons Point Apartment 1 1 $671,000
Mosman Apartment 2 2 $1,220,000
Mosman Apartment 2 1 $850,000
Neutral Bay Apartment 3 2
Northbridge House 4 4
Neutral Bay Apartment 2 1 $850,000

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Mosman & Neutral Bay Watch

  • Cammeray
  • 2/14 Arkland Street Auction Sold Prior N/A
  • 11/28 The Boulevarde Private Treaty Sold $1,550,000
  • 17 Rowlison Parade Auction Sold $2,100,000
  • 1/5 East Avenue Auction Sold Prior $912,500
  • 33 Churchill Crescent Auction Sold N/A
  • Cremorne
  • 4/1a Belgrave Street Auction Sold Prior N/A
  • 1/43 Young Street Auction Sold Prior N/A
  • 801/3-7 Fifth Avenue Auction Vendor Bid $875,000
  • Cremorne Point
  • 1/112-114 Milson Road Auction No Bid N/A
  • 11/4-8 Kareela Road Auction Postponed N/A
  • Mosman
  • 1/5 Belmont Road Auction Sold $920,000
  • 13 Prince Street Auction Sold Prior N/A
  • 103/450 Military Road Auction No Bid N/A
  • 2/1 Hampden Street Auction Sold Prior $555,000
  • 57 Dalton Road Auction Sold $1,661,000
  • Neutral Bay
  • 1/11 Harriette Street Auction Sold $577,000
  • 5/28-34 Bent Street Auction No Bid N/A
  • 5/48 Ben Boyd Road Private Treaty Sold N/A

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